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  1. meat01

    iPhone 7 Will Revolutionize Portable Audio for the First Time in a Decade

    You forgot to add the brain and different people's ears to the equation. You can prove that differences exist, but it is another thing if the brain or ear can not perceive those differences.  There are a lot of things in life that can be measured with equipment that a human's ears, eyes or brain...
  2. meat01

    Reply to review by 'meat01' on item 'Astell&Kern AK70 Portable High-Resolution Audio Player'

    Excellent review.  Very imformative and well done.  Thank you!
  3. meat01

    Cowon Plenue D

    less than a second.  Just enjoy it
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    Astell & Kern Junior (AK Jr.) Impressions Thread

    There is no audible difference between WAV and FLAC.  They are both lossless, which means no loss of data to the file.  Use FLAC and forget about it or read up some more on Wikipedia what the difference between Lossy and Lossless is.
  5. meat01

    iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Audio Quality

      When you say blow them out of the water are you talking about the LG V10 sounding louder?  Did you level match them?  Of course the louder sounding phone will sound better.  That is how are brain works.
  6. meat01

    Astell&Kern AK380

    This is just the law of diminishing returns
  7. meat01

    Astell&Kern AK380

      Don't you hate it when a company tries to sell you a $3500 DAP that is sterile?   Wait until you hear the silver version.  The copper one will sound like crap also.
  8. meat01

    Just bought the RUBBISH Astell & Kern AK120 ii .... PLEASE TELL ME I'M WRONG ! THIS MUST BE A BAD JOKE ??? (Merged)

    I think you need to type more in caps and use more punctuation.  We don't know how to read in lowercase.   Unsuspecting public buying thousand dollar DAPs on a whim?  Say it isn't so.
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    if 5% conductivity matters that much in audio sound, then what do the tin, lead and carbon sound like in the capacitors and resistors.  Also, what about the nickel plated stainless steel connector, what does that sound like?   Since we are sharing our experiences with audio and cables....  ...
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      so the electrons are moving at 2200 km per second, but you need another 432000 seconds until the sound will change?  When you really break down this stuff you post without putting anything behind it, it really does sound silly doesn't it?  How exactly do you know you need 120 hours?  What...
  11. meat01

    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

      I and others agree with you, but iBasso does not believe this needs to be fixed.  It is this way on all of their products.  
  12. meat01

    Cowon Plenue D

    This is Head-Fi, where everyone needs to upgrade to the new shiny, even if it sounds the same or worse.  A&K has figured it out and just keeps increasing their prices while making small changes, like the material of the housing and people snatch them up.
  13. meat01

    iPhone 6s Sound Quality

    What is the iPhone 6S/6S+ output impedance?  On the iPhone 5 it is 4.5 ohms.  I don't consider that high.
  14. meat01

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    Sure. Just not in this thread :wink_face:
  15. meat01

    Best smartphone used as a mp3 player?   search is your friend.  This question gets asked weekly
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    Ibasso DX80

    It surprises you that a company doesn't want to make promises it can't keep? It surprises you that a company doesn't want to string people along and misinform them? That worked out well for the Geek wave didn't it? I believe Paul has told us everything that he can. Maybe there are unforeseen...
  17. meat01

    Ibasso DX80

    Are you serious? 5-10 years?  By then the DX 210 will be out.  You are talking about people who buy and sell stuff 3 months later.  You can always buy a DX50 or 90 and replace the battery every 5 years.
  18. meat01

    Ibasso DX80

    And this is the DX80 thread  
  19. meat01

    Ibasso DX80

      Stop wearing skinny jeans.  Seriously.     "sorry guys, we are going to have to redesign the case and retool it, because 1 person doesn't like it"
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    Apple Iphone 5 Review by mark2410
  21. meat01

    The iBasso DX50 Thread - Latest firmware: 1.9.5 - June 30, 2016

    The dx50 will provide more power and give you more storage. Whether it sounds better is subjective.
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    With a forum name of JamesinLondon, I am going to go out on a limb and say he is from London.  Just a hunch though.
  23. meat01

    The FiiO X3 2nd gen (ex X3K, X3II) Thread : 192K/24B, CS4398,Native DSD, USB DAC with LO and inline remote

    Engineers and scientists have managed a way to create a low cost DAC that can convert a digital signal into an analogue one that measures perfectly flat to the human ear.  Other than for audiophiles there isn't much reason to develop them any further, except to use less power.  DACs could be...