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  1. Ra97oR

    Help me find a budget Balanced DAC/Pre

    Looking to a budget Balanced DAC/Pre for a living room system. It will mostly connect to the TV and some kind of streamer and outputting to a pair of active studio monitor. Must have: Remote Control Optical, Coax and USB in Nice to have: Bluetooth in A half decent HP out I have got the...
  2. Ra97oR

    2014 audio highlights /and regrets!

    Happy 2015, looking back at 2014 it have been a pretty nice year in terms of audio. Not the most exciting with launches, but certainly the ones that I have heard from Audio Technica have been excellent. Purchases: Loved the BTG Starlight I bought for my MH334, certainly wasn't expecting...
  3. Ra97oR

    AKG K812 Pro

    I have got the pleasure to listen to AKG’s new flagship headphone K812 Pro, it is a professional aimed headphone and frankly comes with little bell and whistles.   The headphone is constructed very solidly in metal. Gone are the hidden squeaky cup swivel system that are on the K701, the K812...
  4. Ra97oR

    Unexpected encounter, Technic RP-FDA100/Panasonic RP-HDA100

    Walking through the London's electronic store and amongst the countless Monster Beats and their respective rip off versions, I found this "beauty" a pair of brand new Technic RP-FDA100 still in the original packaging.   Indulged by the strange design and the twin drivers, a bit of bargaining...
  5. Ra97oR

    Official mods discussions!

    Talk all about the modding scene on any game but not the vanilla game itself. General rules on this thread: Talk about the mods only not the vanilla game! If you wanted to make comparison against the modded version, you are more than welcomed but leave discussion about the vanilla game to...
  6. Ra97oR

    Any free internet radio over 128kbps?

    I am currently hosting a internet radio on Vocaloid and such, source files are lossless but I can't seems to find any free internet radio sites that does over 128 kbps. BTW, feel free to join if you don't mind 128kbps.
  7. Ra97oR

    Audio Technica ES10 and Sony Z1000, which one to get?

    Looking for some portable headphones, as much as I loved the Edition 8 I still can't justify the price for it using as a portable as I am only looking for one used outside. I have heard the ES10, easily one of the best portable I have heard, up there with the Edition for sure. Now, the thing...
  8. Ra97oR

    The Touhou AND Vocaloid music thread!

    I was thinking instead of creating two threads for each one, I am just going do both at the same time. I tend to lean towards instrumental remixes of Touhou music, don't think there will be many vocal stuff. Shame that there aren't any lossless streaming sites, so I can only Youtube it. NND...
  9. Ra97oR

    Headphone shop in central London

    I wonder if anyone knows if there is any decent headphone shops in central London. I wanna try out the new Westone 4.
  10. Ra97oR legit?

    Headphones On Sale: Cheap Headphone and Earphones in UK Store Seems to sell many good headphones at very low price. ESW9 for £80 IE8 for £100 V900HD for £60 Beats for £80 Doubting the price and if they are genuine or not.
  11. Ra97oR

    REVIEW: Terminator pure class-A fully discrete soild state amp

    Specs Pure class-A, with 20W power draw at idle 16-600 Ohms load (optimised for low impedance) 1700mW into 40Ohm load W 184mm,L 300mm,H 56mm 2.2 KG Sorry for blurry pictures, it is taken from my phone. Better internal shot from the builder: (the transformer is shielded in a...
  12. Ra97oR

    No respones from Null Audio.

    My amp and tips that I ordered yesterday are both now over the ocean towards me now, but the cable that I ordered from Null is still being "processed" and not a single update since I ordered it in the 14th. The processing status is also only automatic ones stating the payment is though but...
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  14. Ra97oR

    Amp for AD2000

    Now looking at: Headamp Gilmore Lite (Need to be imported, and taxes) Lake People G100 (Pro amp with not much reviews, but specs and internal looks superior to Gilmore Lite, mostly the power supply looks better) No tube amps please, tried too many and none sound well with it. Best...
  15. Ra97oR

    What have the best production quailty?

    This is about quality that what, how the headphone is made. Think of how someone who doesn't know audio at all, cannot listen to it, but would decide the headphones are something special and premium. So it does not inculde anything sound related i.e. cables, drivers. Here is what I came up...
  16. Ra97oR

    ESW9, fake or not?

    Audio-Technica ESW9 Portable Wooden Headphones - NEW! on eBay (end time 24-Oct-09 06:42:03 BST) Currently looking at buying these, price is reasonable but a new seller. Is it safe to buy or not?
  17. Ra97oR

    AD1000PRM anyone?

    I see quite a lot of member have AD2000 AD900 and even some AD1000. Just curious how many of us own the limited AD1000PRM? I own one, and love it even more than the W5000.
  18. Ra97oR

    [REVIEW] Shure SE102

    This time we are looking at some IEM or just entry level Shure. They are designed to work with music players on-the-go with high noise isolation. Bundle Nothing really special here, 4 sets of silicon tips of different sizes, a carrying case, a extender cable (you will need it useless you...
  19. Ra97oR

    ESW9 vs AD1000

    How does the ESW9 stack up against the full sized AD1000 in terms of detail, soundstage and general sound quality? I wanted a good pair of headphones for mainly a home setup, but will take them out too. But due to my budget I can only get one of them. From multiple reviews, its been mention that...
  20. Ra97oR

    Sharp highs, super detailed headphone

    I am look for a upgrade in the near future, currently using a Denon AH-D1001/ Creative Aurvana Live! but the highs and details are quite lacking. I want super detailed music playback, currently most songs are at Apple Lossless (No flaming please, I am using a iPod :P) with a Creative X-Fi Xtreme...
  21. Ra97oR

    How much does the media player matter?

    I am currently using iTunes, I wonder if sound will improve will foobar 2000 and does it worth the hassle. Using Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music sound card, Hush customed case, Silent CPU and GPU cooler, Creative T40 Series II speakers, Denon AH 1001 Headphones.