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  1. johnwmclean

    Cam Expert is now operating as "Front Panel Pros"

    I recieved this news from Heinz, Cam Expert now have a new name and website: The company believe the new name better serves to describe what they're all about. The old website is still fully operational and is running in tandem. I have no affiliation with the...
  2. johnwmclean

    Looking for Neutrik NC3FAV-0 or NC3FAAV-0 locally in Australia

    I’m having a dam hard time finding these connectors locally, I’ve tried the following: Ebay Farnelll RS components Altronics Jaycar...
  3. johnwmclean

    Front Panel Express file conversion

    From Adobe Illustrator I’m trying to find a way to convert my exported DWG and DFX into FPE files, any tricks? 
  4. johnwmclean

    Mica pad query

    Quick question, is it ok to use two mica pads for extra insulation insurance? The reason I ask is because I'm still getting shorts for my intended application, probably due to a little over tightening. So would heat transfer be an issue if 2 pads were used?
  5. johnwmclean

    Please Delete

    Silly Post, my bad.
  6. johnwmclean

    itunes digital output and Equalizer?

    I discovered by accident that the equalizer in itunes still works with direct digital output. How can this be? It’s binary data that has not been through a DAC, I cannot fathom as to why this would be possible. Any ideas?
  7. johnwmclean

    DIY psu layout looks like a ?

    After spending most of yesterday and well into the night finalising my psu layout, my wife this morning walks up to the computer screen has a glance and starts in fits of laughter. I turn to the screen realise what she see’s in my layout... Do you see it too?
  8. johnwmclean

    Marathon Runners Thread - Your experiences

    I’m keen to hear from all you long distance runners, I’ve been running seriously for 15 years. Just recently I’ve been out of injury and am keen to do the Sydney marathon later this year. I’ve done 2 Canberra Marathons and have also tackled the Six Foot Track Marathon in the Blue Mountains. The...
  9. johnwmclean

    does a DAC need a fancy transport?

    this is a bit of a spin off from the thread: I fail to see what a transport does for the signal, being binary data how would a fancy transport have any effect over a computer feed directly into a DAC. I don’t get the need for a high end...
  10. johnwmclean

    Cable and pre-conception, placebo at work?

    Does the type of cable send instant cues of pre-conception, for instance... Silver: Fast, bright and transparent. Copper: Great tone, smooth and relaxed. Gold: Warm and rich. Cables also share uncanny similarities with jewellery, in terms of descriptions of sound. Where was this...
  11. johnwmclean

    Crydom SSR’s vs cheaper alternatives

    I found this relatively cheaper SSR compared to say a Crydom D1240 which shares similar specs - are Crydom SSR’s a better more reliable alternative?
  12. johnwmclean

    Par-Metal website, anyone know what’s up?

    It’s been down for days now... also the par-metal website now links to this. Y William Yu Inc | Home
  13. johnwmclean

    Transformer secondary wire, not long enough?

    Sorry in advance, I know we need another transformer thread like a hole in the head, I’ve searched and cannot find the answer to my query. I need to extend the secondary wires of a toroidal transformer by around 3 inches or so. I’m assuming this will be just a matter of soldering/insulating an...
  14. johnwmclean

    Melbourne DIYer Help

    Earlier this year I built a Jaycar amp for a friend of mine who lives down in Carlton. Recently the amp has been tripping up upon power up and the right channel won't kick in till after a couple of minutes. I'm just wondering if there's any one local that could possibly have a look at it, it...
  15. johnwmclean

    AMB (Ti Kan) Appreciation Thread

    I just want to express my thanks and gratitude to one of Head-fi's star members. Over the past year or so you've helped me on many occasion, and I know without your help I wouldn't have made it through. Your a great community asset, if ever you make a trip downunder I owe you a beer or two. John
  16. johnwmclean

    Good Source for screws and bolts in Australia

    I’ve done a bit of digging around with no great results, I’m looking for a localish supplier for quality M3 black hex button screws, and black #4 self tapping screws preferably hex as well. Does anyone know a good quality source?
  17. johnwmclean

    Ohm’s law help

    I need a little help figuring out the value of a resistor I need to run in series from my psu to my latched Bulgin switch. The psu (twisted pair LCBPS) is 15V dc and the LED in the Bulgin switch is 12V dc. I tried a couple of online calculation sites, I still don’t get it, any help would be...
  18. johnwmclean

    Balanced grounding question regarding XLR Pin 1

    I remember grounding pin 1 inputs to the chassis of my balanced only Beta22. I am in the process of building a Sabre32 DAC for my Beta22. My question is do I do the same for the Sabre32, does pin 1 connect to the chassis only? Therefore the Sabre outputs will only run to pins 2 and 3...
  19. johnwmclean

    HD800 How do I re-terminate the stock cable for XLR?

    I need help with re-terminating the stock HD-800 over to XLR. It’s been briefly covered in other threads, I have a few queries myself though. It been discussed that the wire colour does not reflect connectivity and not to make assumptions. That is to say the red wire in some cases was not the...
  20. johnwmclean

    Best Headphones for a Guitar Head Amplifier

    I’ve just bought my son a nice Fender Strat, now I’m thinking of getting a head amp with a headphone jack. What would be a wise choice of headphone to use with a guitar headphone amplifier.
  21. johnwmclean

    iphone remote control application

    I really love this application for the iphone, I use it all the time. I have a question, I really don’t understand why I’m able to control the volume from the phone when using optical cable from my mac. I would have though it would have been straight digital out. Any ideas?
  22. johnwmclean

    Digital Multimeter Recommendations

    I’d like to upgrade my multimeter to something a little fancier. At the moment I have this: IP67 Rated Cat III Autoranging DMM - Jaycar Electronics The one I have does a fair job, it’s auto ranging so it can be slow at times to cough up a reading, it’s has limitations within reading...
  23. johnwmclean

    Has anyone built a balanced cable for the K702?

    I would like to know how's the best way to approach doing this. And how you got around the mini 3 pin XLR problem. Any advice would be great!
  24. johnwmclean

    Balanced β22 vs fully modded Jaycar, oh the very thought!

    nickyboyo popped over this morning with his Jaycar amp (sandyk modded SCHA, JLH board version, Nick please correct me if this is wrong), K701’s and DT880’s. Nick’s Jaycar build is the best I’ve seen for this amp, really nice layout and craftsmanship. Also on hand was my “nearly” stock Jaycar...
  25. johnwmclean

    I need a photo favour, of a balanced Dact 2 Attenuator wired up

    I’m in the process of wiring my balanced Dact 2 Attenuator. I need a visual reference or photo in regards to how the ground side is treated. I understand the pin layout, but would like to know the best way to loop the ground channel together. If anyones got time to do this I’d appreciate it very...