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  1. jamiek123

    Good Looking Budget Cans !!! Appreciate Advice!!!

    Hi, I am looking for new headphones, my budget is not very big 70$, or 40 euros i could probably stretch it a bit if needs be. The qualities im looking for are  Good bass, on songs that are bassy songs i love the feel of the thump of the bass, but i also like the music to be clear not muddy...
  2. jamiek123

    Headphones on a budget

    Hi Guys I am replacing my panasonic htf 600 they were great basically I am looking for decent bass and just good overall sound quality. I am not sure where to even start to search so i will start here All thoughts appreciated Thanks guys
  3. jamiek123

    Best budget in ear headphones

    Hi, I am looking for earphones with good bass that i can feel and overall good sound quality i have a budget of aprox 50$  i have been looking at  maxell metallics soundmagic e10 meelectronics m6, m9   i currently use panasonic htf 600 headphones which i find great how would the...