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  1. headoncollision

    whats the difference between edifier S550 and S760D?

    hey guys so as the title says I can't for the life of me figure out the difference between the S550 and S760D, the only distinction I can make is the addition of a remote control, in my region there are almost 150$ difference between both models.  can anyone please enlighten me about the...
  2. headoncollision

    should I use Digital or analog for edifier S350D

    should I use digital or analog for these desktop speakers, both my onboard and creative SB HD external DAC support Digital, but if I`m gonna use analog I`m gonna be using the analog speaker out from my rampage iv gene MB not the creative SB, I have read somewhere that SPDF out is compressed and...
  3. headoncollision

    plz delete

    plz delete
  4. headoncollision

    VSONIC GR07 BE vs SHURE se315, se425 or ultimate ear TF10 help me decide?

    hey guys  I am out hunting for a new earpuds since I am purchasing a new audio player either fiio x3 or x5 ( probably x3) and I can`t decide between these headphones , apparently the GR07 and the TF10 is getting plenty of great reviews all over the place for their price, I currently own a shure...
  5. headoncollision

    Fiio x3 vs Fiio x5 or other help please?

    hey guys  to be clear I am not a hardcore audiophile, I do enjoy high fidelity sound but I don`t own much lossless audio more like high bitrate mp3s, and I do believe that at some point u get a low diminshing return for your money, I know that the x5 is a superior player overall, now there is...
  6. headoncollision

    bravo audio v1 valve or little dot for denon ah-d5000

    hey guys it has been a while since I posted, so my setup is as following, a micro-atx gaming pc with creative titanium HD I use to power my denon ah-d5000 with a schiit asgard but somehow it stopped working and since I am not in usa I cannot replace it. so my question is as following, yesterday...
  7. headoncollision

    Creative Sound Blaster ZxR SBX vs Titanium HD as an upgrade?

    I currently own creative Titanium HD with shiit asgard and denon-ah-d5000 and wondering if the new creative flagship ZxR is worth the upgrade. I use my pc for almost everything but mainly watching movies, series and gaming. I also switch between headphones and 5.1 home system via optical. I...
  8. headoncollision

    HTC one or PMP ( Sony NWZ-F806)

    so I have been thinking of getting a PMP lately primarily for listening to music while jogging and doing sport and 2ndry for watching videos and movies on the go, I was fixed on this idea until I saw the HTC one, which seems to be a pretty decent piece of multimedia phone with its speakers, quad...