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  1. NinjaSquirt

    Loud enough volume vs. Fully driven

    What exactly is the difference? And how can I by the numbers (someone explain sensitivity vs ohms vs ???)? What are the symptoms of a non fully driven headphone? I couldn't find any threads on this. If there is please point to one.
  2. NinjaSquirt

    Cables from Monoprice?

    I usually stay away from this subforum post-wise because its a minefield for someone like me who is not science or a 100% objective guy. I personally like a little subjectivity in my audio but that's just me. But I am an avid reader nonetheless because I want to learn (I have no idea what people...
  3. NinjaSquirt

    DT880 & K702 Considerations...

    I recently came into a bit money (About $1000 USD) and would like some suggestions on a DAC/Amp combo to replace my current set up (in signature).   What I'm looking for in terms of sound is:   -Neutral -Analytical -Good instrument separation and imaging -Just a little bit of...
  4. NinjaSquirt

    The next Beats?

    Just saw this today by random, thought it may interest some of you. Running anywhere from $250-$400. Maybe 50 Cent will do more than put his name on it... At least it's not from Monster.
  5. NinjaSquirt

    Do I need a preamp?

    My current setup is H|T Omega soundcard -> Schiit Valhalla -> Beyerdynamic DT-880 (600 Ohm).   I know that the Soundcard in my case acts as a DAC. I will invest in a seperate DAC (any recommendations are welcome assuming you know your stuff) to upgrade my chain which is just leaves me with...
  6. NinjaSquirt

    HT|Omega Setup Help...

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and recent got myself a HT|Omega Claro Halo soundtrack with my new PC build. Its currently set up with a Z-5500 Logitech 5.1 Speakers and its good but it's not... great. I don't know. I know soundcards aren't going to change the music but somehow I just feel like I'm...