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  1. falcogreg

    Wireless Headphone Recommendations

    I currently have a pair of Senn's hdr40's. Unfortunately, they have no range whatsoever, Even when I'm within a few feet I stll have interference. Forget walking out of the room or even out of eyesight. Very disappointed with these. Does anyone have alternative suggestions? I'm not worried too...
  2. falcogreg

    Curse you "SACD Lover"!!!

    Twice I posted asking for advice on tube amps and twice you "insisted" I look at the ppx3 slam. I tried resisiting. I really did!!! However, after a phone call with Mikhail today, I gave in. It's all your fault! I was trying to be a good doobie and keep it around $500 but I'm weak. Resistance is...
  3. falcogreg

    Archos 200 vs. 202 & 400 vs. 402-differnces?

    I've been researching the 200 & 400 players. When checking amazon, it also lists a 202 and 402. For the life of me, I can't figure out the difference. Does anybody know? Must admit, I'm leaning towards the x5 but just want to explore my options. TIA, Greg