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    •○• JVC DX1000 | VS | AUDEZE LCD-2 •○•

      I have the exact same mod as oqvist since I bought my pair from the guy who modded his headphones :)   ( Yes, that means he experimented on my headphones.. ;) )   I bought them modded and was curious hearing them without the damping, so I removed it.   I tried to listen to them for...
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    This should be interesting ^^
  3. ChriG

    I need more bass

    Monster Beats!   And if you dont want Beats, lots of people like LCD-2 with the Lyr 
  4. ChriG

    Headphone recommendations for audiophiliac uncle?

    ☞ STOP!  Don't start a new thread yet! "Help!", "Recommendations", "Looking for..." threads go in the new Help & Recommendations Forum not here.   ;)
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    [No title]

    In the picture: Music Streamer HD, Burson HA-160D, Audeze LCD-2.2, Denon AH-D7000, JVC HA-DX1000
  6. ChriG

    dac/amp combo?

    Maybe the Asus Essence One?   Know people who likes it and it has got some good reviews, here is one:
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    Best Over Ear Headphones for Under $300?

    ☞ STOP!  Don't start a new thread yet! "Help!", "Recommendations", "Looking for..." threads go in the new Help & Recommendations Forum not here.   ;)
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    Denon AH-D7000

    Quote:     I´m not quite sure I understand how it would be easier to remove the cups?   To me, the scary part is removing the cups :o   The screws are sooo tiny, you're just waiting for them to gnaw of the fine threads in the wooden cup ^^
  9. ChriG

    Rig Improvement Suggestions welcome!

    What do you want to improve?   More/better bass? More/better treble? More/better mids? Bigger soundstage?   There are plenty of threads here for amp recommendations for the HD650 if you want to keep them, try the search function :)   Edit: Yes, you will have to get a stronger amp to...
  10. ChriG

    Headphones that have more 'BASS' than the Sony XB500?

    Quote:     The difference is if you actually want to be able to follow a bassline as it was recorded or if you just want ear massage..
  11. ChriG

    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    Ultrasone Pro 900.   Didn't hate them or anything, it´s just that I've liked all the other headphones that I´ve owned better :)
  12. ChriG

    Most Durable Headphones

    Ultrasones Pro series is really durable headphones. Not very neutal though.
  13. ChriG

    Do high-end headphones sound more speaker-like than lower-end headphones?

    The most "speaker-like" headphone I´ve ever heard is the JVC/Victor DX1000.   They have a really speaker-like bass and sound stage, I think thats why I can sit and listen to them for hours and hours and just enjoy the music withour ever tiring :)
  14. ChriG

    Grado PS500 vs Audeze LCD-2

    I think that the PS500 have more bass, while the LCD-2 have more refined and detailed bass. Both has good sub-bass, the LCD-2 might dig a little deeper, but i´m not really sure of that.   I don´t think that SanjiWatsuki has ever heard the PS500, it doesn´t have the usual "Grado sound", it...
  15. ChriG

    Question about amps in general (sorry, might be dumb)

    What does the documentation that came with the amp say?   If it says that you should unplug the phones, I´d do that. Otherwise not :)   But to answer you question; "Is it safer to unplug headphones before turning an amp on and off?" - Yes, it is, but it´s normally unnecessary.   If...
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    seeking dual input combo heapdhone amp and preamp; suggestions?

    Once again I must recommend the Matrix M-stage, it´s really capable for it´s price!   258$ with free shipping:   I have...
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    Lookng for new headphones!

    BTW, a cheap setup to "get immersed into the music" in my experience is to buy a nice vintage receiver (in my case the Marantz 22xx-series) and the "new version" of Sennheiser HD650, and a decent DAC to go with that :)   / ChriG
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    Lookng for new headphones!

    Regarding amp, I can recommend the Matrix M-stage. It´s a really nice amp for it´s price.   There is also a version with integrated DAC, but I have read that the DAC doesn´t match the amp in SQ.   / ChriG
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    Best Headphone for around $300

    I would also recommend the D2000. I have the D5000 and they sounded OK when I tried them in my desktop computer at work (on-board sound card), it should be the same with the D2000.   Its also possible to mod the D2000 when/if you get a DAC/amp if you want more hifi kind of sound :)   //...