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  1. mahlerfan

    Ubuntu CD Playback stutters?

    If you copy the files to your hd is there still stuttering? If the answer is no, then it's because Ubuntu's settings don't optimize cd and dvd drive speed. sudo hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc, /dev/hdd or whatever your drive names are. That's a temporary solution. Permanent solution is to edit...
  2. mahlerfan

    portable amp for k501

    It looks tempting... but the gain is set at 3, I think that would be too low.
  3. mahlerfan

    portable amp for k501

    Oh I should say home amps are okay as long as they're not too large. The amp is for at home and in the office, so I have to be able to carry it around in my backpack. Since I've never had a home amp, I don't know how big they are. Or if they're robust enough to carry it around.
  4. mahlerfan

    portable amp for k501

    Quote: Originally Posted by jagorev The GoVibe should be just fine with the K501. If you want something warmer, I'd consider the PA2V2. Oh I don't care for the pa2v2. I'll go ahead and wait then and see if my govibe can handle the k501s. For the Senn 580s I have to turn up...
  5. mahlerfan

    portable amp for k501

    I just ordered the akg k501. Great to see the price has dropped must be the release of the 601 and 701! Anyway I currently have a go-vibe with the ad8620 op-amp, which is really meant for my Sennheiser 580. Will it do justice to the k501? The Senns are dark, the amp helps brighten them up...
  6. mahlerfan

    AD8620 has arrived for my Vibe... WOW

    Just got my go-vibe today with the ad8620. Have to agree with Fewtch straight down the line-- great bass, treble, detail, but midrange is a bit recessed, and the bass could be tighter. Anyway I can't believe how easily the go-vibe drives my 580s!! It's far better than the pa2v2 imo. All...
  7. mahlerfan

    Closed headphones...

    If the sweat is not a major concern with you-- I think that the akgs are more comfy than the Senn 580s. I haven't heard the 271, but that is the same design as the 240S.
  8. mahlerfan

    Do you say "Gray-do" or "Grah-do"?

    You say grado, I say grado... let's call the whole thing off!
  9. mahlerfan

    Hey Todd Any More HF-1s?

    I feel for you, but still can't help laughing at how odd a disaster that was!! I wonder what is the strangest way someone has had their headphones ruined?
  10. mahlerfan


    Be patient you'll get replies. In the meantime you should be able to find other threads on amps for those headphones using the search engine. There are alot more options besides headroom, so unless you're deadset on headroom you can consider other options.
  11. mahlerfan

    Sennheiser HD 280

    I guess alot of people here think that they are comfortable. However, I find them to be the most uncomfortable headphones that I ever owned. They are too heavy and they get sweaty fast. And the design is junk-- the band cracks after just a few months of use. And the sound is dry and...
  12. mahlerfan

    has burn in ever made a pair of headphones sound WORSE?

    One thing that should be considered-- when people claim that they hear the headphones have changed-- what did they do perfectly recall the previous times they were listening to the same music before and could observe a marked difference?? These are far from conditions in which one can...
  13. mahlerfan

    Loving my HD 497

    Those are my first hi-fi cans-- love 'em.
  14. mahlerfan

    Auditioned the SR60, man what a diff!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Steve999 For your average Joe on the street, the SR60 is probably the more useful phone, IMHO. As a matter of build quality, careful design, comfort, audio engineering, etc., obviously the HD580s have a serious edge. The average Joe on the street...
  15. mahlerfan

    My first headphone amp! Go-vibe 3 (I have some questions)

    Cool! This is exciting because I got more confirmation that the combo I want-- 580+go-vibe will be great.
  16. mahlerfan

    No headphones

    Oh yeah the Senn 595 is coming in the mail. That will be faster than waiting on Senn to repair my 580s-- it was mailed priority mail on Tuesday (and I live only two states over) and they don't have it yet. Oh yeah speakers-- it kicks ass to blast huge Mahler and Bruckner symphonies and...
  17. mahlerfan

    CDP $150 or less?

    My experience with budget pdcps is that sony and panasonic are the top dogs in terms of sq. They both make (with a few super-cheap exceptions) clean sounding reproduction-- only thing is that the panasonics are bright imo while sony is closer to being neutral. My plan right now is to get the...
  18. mahlerfan

    No headphones

    Wah! I sold all but my 580 and a900, just traded the a900 so it's in the mail, and I had to send the 580s to Sennheiser to fix. I'm currently headphoneless. How will I go through withdrawal?
  19. mahlerfan

    Ohms, sensitivity and all that tech

    I think that it is a marketing ploy for sacd freaks. I had the same insanely stupid frequency response for my sony towers.
  20. mahlerfan

    Ohms, sensitivity and all that tech

    That's the best special sony model for bats! It's like can't hear a dog whistle? Then these headphones might be overkill for you.
  21. mahlerfan

    Halloween Horror Movie favorites

    My fav line from Storm of the Century is God's explanation for why Job-- "because there's just something about you that pisses me off!"
  22. mahlerfan

    opinion time: 580, 600 or 650 if....?

    pa2v2 doesn't do the 580 justice imo.
  23. mahlerfan

    Ohms, sensitivity and all that tech

    Quote: Originally Posted by chickennuggets eric, thanks. except im kinda a n00b. so i want low impedance, high sensitivity? and the open vs. closed thing...what kind of leakage is there... Forget about impendence, besides it varies with frequency. It's reported as one number, the...
  24. mahlerfan

    Halloween Horror Movie favorites

    Oh yeah Carnival of Souls I forgot!-- cue eerie organ music!
  25. mahlerfan

    Halloween Horror Movie favorites

    Quote: Originally Posted by armaniwearr I'm in love with all Romero Movies all for the psychological reasons brains...