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  1. Toby M

    Need an advice or two for picking out a sound card!

    Quote: Originally Posted by corrupt_file Hello all, I am stuck in a dillema because AH-D2000 is only 25ohms in impedance, so I shouldn't really need an amp. A decent amp will improve the sound quality of the D2000 significantly and may be something to consider depending on your...
  2. Toby M

    AudioValve English

    I thought the calories thing and "I am ready to put my hand in the fire of their tubes" were pretty funny. And "the divine surprise". A few years ago the now-Prime Minister of Australia spoke at the university I attend. He told us a story from back in the day when he was a Chinese translater...
  3. Toby M

    Hissing with USB DACs on Windows Vista 64?

    Yes good idea try WASAPI, that's what I use. Just make sure your buffer length is set between 500-700 in Preferences\Output (high buffer lengths cause problems).
  4. Toby M

    need amp to drive Denon D5000's? ($300-$400 range)

    I was looking at DIY amps yesterday, mostly the M^3 and CKKIII. Anyone compared these to C-2C, KICAS, other amps mentioned in this thread, with D2000/5000?
  5. Toby M

    Help : Can't get WASAPI working with Windows 7 64-bit and Foobar2000

    No problem! Glad it worked. Cheers
  6. Toby M

    ASIO.. WASAPI.. confused

    Hmm. Do you have any other DSP added in foobar? If you go to the properties/advanced tab for your USB device check it is set correctly. I'm not sure if this is bypassed by WASAPI or not but worth a shot I guess. I can't think of anything else, sorry. ==Edit== Oh actually, do you have SP1...
  7. Toby M

    ASIO.. WASAPI.. confused

    I know you said you played with the buffer... but did you try lowering it? This happens to me if the buffer is too high. Try 500ms or so. I ask because I didn't even think of lowering the buffer until I did some googling
  8. Toby M

    Suggestions for a desktop headphone amp/DAC for computer setup

    You're making me want to order one, stop it! Anyone compared it to the Fubar II / Cute amp setup?
  9. Toby M

    Power Amp Skeptic

    Quote: Originally Posted by finoyvoy Yeah, theory has no place anymore, only experience matters. Let's replace all those silly engineers with people who have experience. Hey, audiophiles have plenty of experience! We should let them design your grandfather's pacemaker. That...
  10. Toby M

    Suggestions for a desktop headphone amp/DAC for computer setup

    I've got the Fubar II + Cute Beyond amp. It's a nice little setup and very well made. It's also somewhat upgradeable, which is nice. Sadly I can't compare it to the compass or other suggestions here because I haven't heard them.
  11. Toby M

    headphone cmss3d, any way to improve it ??

    Quote: Originally Posted by Netherwind theres a check box 'sync with windows control panel' you can untick for the right settings in xp They two aren't necessarily linked in Vista either. I have my X-fi set to 5.1 in Windows sound settings and headphone in the X-fi control panel...
  12. Toby M

    Help : Can't get WASAPI working with Windows 7 64-bit and Foobar2000

    WASAPI works for my in Vista 64 so it can certainly work in a 64 bit OS. Apparently the solution is to set your buffer to 500ms or less. See below: "Looking at Google Analytics I’ve found out that somebody came to this site looking for solution of WASAPI issue. Well, maybe it should be...
  13. Toby M

    Fubar II DAC Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by lordearl where did you get the additional power supplier? our stores in Aus aren't stocking firestone products anymore! You can order straight from here: I've done this a few times from Canberra and they've been great...
  14. Toby M

    Is my superprodac broken or is it just vista

    Haven't used the DAC but here's some general things in Vista I can think of that might stop it working. Is it set as the default output device? Right-click the speaker/volume icon in the taskbar in Vista and choose 'Playback Devices', select it and click 'Set Default'. Also go into properties...
  15. Toby M

    headphone cmss3d, any way to improve it ??

    Quote: Originally Posted by iriverdude Sounds best with both disabled CMSS and Crystalizer. Except for the pissweak bass impact in L4D. Obviously it will sound best in the objective sense with less processing but if you want punchy guns and good positioning I see no reason not to...
  16. Toby M

    Headphone card, music and gaming?

    Interesting. Found some impressions of Dolby HP vs CMSS 3D here:
  17. Toby M

    headphone cmss3d, any way to improve it ??

    Hmm I just tried it in L4D, I didn't notice much bass loss in game. I certainly heard a volume difference, but turning the volume up a couple of notches with CMSS 3D on yielded the same amount of bass for me. I thought the positioning was a lot clearer with CMSS 3D headphone mode on. I do agree...
  18. Toby M

    Headphone card, music and gaming?

    One thing the X-fi has gaming-wise is a simulated 3D mode for headphones. I like it but some don't. It's for games only, no good for music. I'm not sure if other cards have a similar feature now but when I bought mine they didn't. EAX isn't a big deal for modern games but if you have older...
  19. Toby M

    Power Amp Skeptic

    I have an engineer friend who similarly assures me op-amps make no difference to sound. Lets hope he and your friend stick to designing bridges and remote control toys.
  20. Toby M

    Fubar II DAC Impressions

    You could try ASIO, I don't get any delay using it with the Fubar II.
  21. Toby M

    Upgrade from Fubar II - $250-ish

    I'm about to order opa627s for my Fubar II and Cute Beyond amp as well. I'll be interested to see what difference they make. I've heard others say it's a big improvement over stock.
  22. Toby M

    buying my first headphones ever! need help from experts

    To echo what everyone else says, don't bother with something in the HD650/D2000/A900 etc range unless you are fully prepared to buy an amp and DAC at some point in the future. The Audigy 2 is a horrible, horrible source even with an amplifier. So you will want a DAC as well to take advantage...
  23. Toby M

    For HD 555/595 owners

    Firestone Audio's Cute Beyond amp makes my 555's sound far clearer and more detailed. Its a bit light on the bass but brings out a lot more detail. 555's dont really have any low-bass to start with.
  24. Toby M

    Vista, x-fi + foobar: How do you playback?

    What exactly is the problem? If your concern is quality I wouldn't worry, it's not like it makes enough difference that you'll notice it while you've got other sounds (games etc) going. If you just want to change volume separately you can do that in the Vista volume control... any program...
  25. Toby M

    Help me purchasing a good Audiophile Rig

    Have a look at the Fubar III from Firestone Audio. Its a USB DAC + Amp in one unit, and it's very cheap for what you're getting. The Fubar III is a Fubar II USB DAC and a Cute Beyond amplifier mysteriously spliced into one unit, so it should sound similar to those