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  1. SportaJoe

    What's your favorite Beer?

    My favorite 10 Rochefort 10 Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter Bells Two Hearted Ale Duvel Stone Smoked Porter Sam Adams Cream Stout Corsendonk Christmas Ale St Bernardus abt 12 Stone Imperial Russian Stout Great Lakes Elliot Ness Im loving the Belgians and...
  2. SportaJoe

    Athena AS-B1 + T-Amp combo question

    Hey Slacker This is the exact same thing im running right now. what you will need is a mini to mini cable (stereo) going from your chaintech to the t-amp. The input on the t-amp is just a single 1/8 jack exactly like the output on the chaintech. The spring terminals on the t-amp for the...
  3. SportaJoe

    Amazing Deal--Athena AS-B1 for $99 a pair!

    Best Buy had these for 99 a month ago. (think there out now). I went and all they had was the demos. sold them to me for 80. Sound great and pair very well with the T-amp.
  4. SportaJoe

    Any avid beer fans in the Midwest here?

    I love Bells Two hearted ale. Oberon and expedition. Great Lakes out of cleveland also puts out some great beers. Edmund Fitzgerald Porter is my favorite. Here is a link to beer advocate. They have a dedicated forum for beer trading.
  5. SportaJoe

    Bose Triport Thread

    Just ordered a pair. Thanks Guys. Wheres the tri-port smiley.
  6. SportaJoe

    Totally rad awesome GIFs(need conversion into HeadFi avatars!)

    Have to agree with Rick here. They remind me of the flashing adds that are so irritating. I usually scroll right past to get it off my screen as soon as possible.
  7. SportaJoe

    Your favourite colour of socks

    Quote: Only fat people wear shorts in the UK (I'm generalising) and they take great pride in showing their beer guts off (as if It's some sort of status symbol) and they generally sport white socks which makes their fat sunburned legs look even more like a couple of overcooked fat lobsters...
  8. SportaJoe

    Your favourite colour of socks

    Hey Pinkie Do you guys ever wear shorts over there. If you wear solid colored or multi colored socks pulled up to your knees with shorts you pretty much get laughed at over here.
  9. SportaJoe

    Anyone here owns Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D)? That should be what your lookin for It all depends on what you want too shoot. Ive seen some really nice shots from the rebels. I shoot birds and couldnt live without the quick dial that the rebel doesnt offer. I know some people dont...
  10. SportaJoe

    So What's the story with lurkers?

    I believe i meet the criteria for lurker I check out head-fi several times a day and have since i joined. So now i give you my top ten reasons for being a lurker. 10- All the info ive needed ive found with a search. 9- Best amp for 580,s has been answered a million times. 8- I dont...
  11. SportaJoe

    Looking for an amp for computer use under $150 cant do much better than that for the price.
  12. SportaJoe

    Do you pick up hitchhikers?

    Ive picked up hitchhikers on occasion and hitchhiked myself a couple times mostly in the late 70,s early 80,s. Do have a good story though Me and 4 friends were driving around getting drunk, about 18 years old, all crammed into a Cordoba. This is in semi-rural Ohio close to lake Erie. We were...
  13. SportaJoe

    What's p!ss!ng you off at the moment?

    People that bring back ancient threads
  14. SportaJoe

    "Real-deal rock and rollers"

    I'm not sure The Rolling Stones fit the bill. AC/DC doesn't either, IMO. Sure they may be touring still and a new album may come out every now and then, but their newer stuff pales in comparison to their respective periods of real creative output. The same could be said for Tom Petty.
  15. SportaJoe

    For the skeptics, which tweaks have you found to actually work?

    Hey DBT i didnt think you were allowed to post in this forum.(DBT Free)
  16. SportaJoe

    uncomfortable tingling in teeth while listening to headphones

    My 580,s clamp on my upper jaw pretty good. If you say it only does it with certain frequency,s (trumpet) I wouldnt think the clamping would be the only factor but it could be a contributing one.
  17. SportaJoe

    God am I confused choosing the right player!!! I just bought the NexIIE with no built in memory for 59.99 (see link) and you can pick up a 1 Gig compact flash card for 60 or 65 bucks. I just wanted something to walk with and...
  18. SportaJoe

    Fine Beverages magazines or websites? The best beer site ive found. I have tried about 15 of there top 100 and about 50 different beers in the last few months. The porters and belgians are my current favorites.
  19. SportaJoe

    Post your Macro Photos!

    Hey mbriant, loved your chickadees. The butterfly,s are not native to Toledo but they were taken here. At the local butterfly house. Basically a big greenhouse with all kinds of crazy butterfly,s. I think most of them are Asian species.
  20. SportaJoe

    Post your Macro Photos!

    Some Great Images Here, Love the pepsi can that sigma 180 is a nice lens. I have posted some of these on a nature photography forum thats why my name and copyright are on them. All taken with a D30 and sigma 400 5.6 apo macro
  21. SportaJoe

    Us and our funny accents...

    Which is why I like it so much better than here where everything is vanilla. Nobody is politically correct in the UK and they will tell you to "KISS THEIR HAIRY ARSE" if you ask them to be politically correct. People speak their minds... You aint been hangin around the right americans if...
  22. SportaJoe

    What is your occupation?

    Golf Course Superintendent, Long hours in the summer but the winter is fun. Need some noise cancelling phones to drown out those mowers
  23. SportaJoe

    A question about equipment racks or stands Do a google on Flexy rack also some guys have built some really cool ones and its relatively simple. here is another nice one