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  1. BassThor

    [Q] Spreadsheet / comparison of portable amp & dac?

    Hey guys. Tried searching for it here and on Google, but couldn't find a compilation of data on portable amp's & dac's similar to what's been done with the many IEM reviews here on head-fi.   The buying guide is somewhat outdated (2014), and I was wondering if there is a basic spreadsheet with...
  2. BassThor

    Vsonic GR06 & R04pro?

    Edit#2: So according to Mark2410 Vsonics product-line goes as follows from top to bottom; GR07 (flagship), R04Pro "flagship", R04Pro, GR06. Thanks for clarifying this for us! :)   Good evening!   I'm back to splurge some money ! Can't really be helped when things you use often tend to...
  3. BassThor

    Cheap 2-4GB flash based player?

    GF broke her Sansa and we are looking for a cheap replacement (she breaks stuff, no need to get anything expensive).   Sansa Clip a good choice? We are looking at sub 30$ players. :)  
  4. BassThor

    P.Headphone: bassy/comfortable/sub80$?

    Looking for a set of, well the criteria you can see above, portable headphones. I'm a basshead, really love the sound of the MEE M9's and my old DT770, but I need something portable now as I'm up for some travelling in the time to come.. Been looking at: AKG K518dj (uncomfortable over...
  5. BassThor

    Tag editor/manager for 64 bit OS?

    MPTagThat has been my god, and I've been worshipping it everytime it got a hold of and inserted album art / tags with me utilizing almost no effort.. But then I upgraded to Windows 7 Ult. 64 bit, and while discontiniued support / development for MPTagThat makes me sad, though it also...
  6. BassThor

    package forward from a tax-free US state?

    I`m looking to buy a new notebook from bestbuy in the US, and I was wondering if you guys could got any experience with a company located in a tax free state that forwards mail internationally? I`ve been in contact with demailbox (located in the tax free Delaware) but I can`t find any real...
  7. BassThor

    Did someone not like StarCraft 2 Beta?

    If so, would you consider lending me your beta account? Normally I would not sink to such depths as begging on the forum, but I've been playing the original StarCraft with friends since 2001, and now they both got into beta leaving me behind... Anyways, if you want to give a...
  8. BassThor

    100$ Portable headphone for Metal

    What would be the best options for a sub 100$ portable headphone that goes well with metal & rock? Also: - closed cans - not porta pro (had those) I'm looking at AKG 450, would it fit my needs??
  9. BassThor

    Where to get Beyerdynamic DT880 2003?

    As the topic title says, are there any retailers (with international shipping) still selling the 2003 version of the DT880? Or should I post a WTB in the FS forum?
  10. BassThor

    Silicone bi-flange for Triple Fi?

    Anyone know what brand/type of bi flanges that will fit the UE Triple Fi 10 Pro? Preferably off eBay (international shipping banzai!) There are some Sony Hybrids on their way to me, but after a really positive encounter with bi-flanges with the Fischer Audio Eterna I started thinking it would...
  11. BassThor

    New theme (skin) for Teclast T51 (S:Flo2) !

    Slave, a mp4nation forum member has made this awesome style for the Teclast T51 (S:Flo2). Just thought I'd spread the word, I take no credit for this. Here is the original forum thread. Here is a taste:
  12. BassThor

    Upgrade from DT770, DT880 good choice?

    I truly, deeply, faithfully love my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro but I'm playing with the thought of upgrading. Seeing how I won't have an amp or a dac before the new Fiio gets released, what unamped sub 250$ headphone would be a good choice? My needs would be closed, comfortable, with SQ better...
  13. BassThor

    Repair cut in headphone cable?

    The $%^#$@#$%^ dumb ass pet my gf is keeping took a chew out of my headphone cable. It's like a cut, and I want to close this up. Anyone fixed something like this before and how did you do it? Feels like the money I spent on buying her the damn thing (yea I payed for her pet) has become a...
  14. BassThor

    Cheapest store to get Fuze & Clip?

    Spent a few hours today looking for a shop that still has sansa products in stock, without luck.. So I dive into the cyber web and find refurbed 4GB Fuze for 39.99$ and Clip 2GB for 24.99$ + ship (tiger direct). Is this the nicest price or is there some treasure site I can't find? Thanks!
  15. BassThor

    Question for Sansa&Sony owners

    The situation: I ordered a Chinese MP3 player since the auction said it had Japanese. It's for my girlfriend (Christmas present) but it looks like I'll have to send it back and get another brand. For Sansa: Do your Fuze or Clip(+) have Japanese language? For Sony: What 4-8GB models...
  16. BassThor

    What Chinese DAP would you recommend...

    if I put these terms: - Battery life does NOT matter - Sound quality MATTERS (wont use amp) - ebook is a must (hence touch screen would also be nice but not a must..) - memory card slot would be nice. - Price max 150$ included shipping I'd really like to hear from you teclast and onda...
  17. BassThor

    Buying first portable amp!

    I've decided to go for a cheapo portable amp just to get the feel of what an amp can do and if I like/dislike carrying it around with a mp3 player.. I'm looking at the Little Dot Micro +, a cheap, slim cmoy that comes with rechargeable batteries and charger and a CSG cmoy amp. I understand...
  18. BassThor

    recableing IEM, good-under-20$-of-ebay?

    Reading a recableing guide made me want to repair the old IEM's I have here somewhere.. However, where can I find some cheap cable (~20bucks) that is better than the stock cable? Some guy on ebay sells Neutrik 1/8 plugs on ebay for 2.50$ pr plug, any other webshop selling these cheaper...
  19. BassThor

    recable DT 770

    Hi, new to this forum and in need of some assistance! The cable on my DT 770 got ripped off its soldering points earlier today and I'm kind of wondering which cable goes where..? Soldering iron hot and I'm just waiting in anxiety..