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    Techflex & Heatshrink Sizes

    I'm going to go ahead & make my own interconnects. I Will be using the Canare L-5CFB cable With the RCAP-C5F connectors. I want to use the Techflex for the cables as well as the heatshrink around the cable & connector. So my question is; what diameter size techflex & heatshrink to get the...
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    RCA Interconnects

    Thanks for the reply hempcamp, these look like excellent cables. Do you think these are better or comparable to the Zu Cables? Thanks, Zzyzx
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    RCA Interconnects

    Hi There, Just looking for some good Rca inteconnects, going from my mixer OUT to M-audio 2496 IN. Will be using for recording of my Vinyl mixing. Would like to keep cost under $75.00 Thanks, Zzyzx
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