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    WTB: JMoney Beyer Pads

    Looking to buy a set of JMoney Beyer Lambskin pads. Name your price shipped to 91767 in PM.
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    Bought a JMoney Grado headband from Audiowalker. Overall it was a smooth transaction, he provided super fast shipping and was prompt and cordial with status updates.
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    FS: AKG K-26P

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    FS: AKG K-26P

    Selling a pair of K-26P's, they're in fine condition and the original box will be included. I purchased these off a member here in January and they never saw much use from me (maybe an hour or two total use since then). I'm asking $5 less than what I paid for them back in January at $25 CONUS...
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    Recabled my SR-125's and now I hear a rattle(?)

    Hey all, I recabled my Grados a while back and now it seems there's a slight 'rattle' almost coming out of the right transducer at high volume. Could it be I resoldered it out of phase? Or maybe that I may have damaged it when I used the pan+hotwater method of softening the glue. To clarify...
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    FS: Koss Pro 4AA/T

    I'm selling a pair of Koss Pro4AA/T's. I am the third owner of these, but as seen below they're still in great condition. The first owner was diymaniac and the second owner was wontanamo. I'm letting these go since they never really saw much use for me as they were overshadowed by my DT770's...
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    I just bought a pair of SR125's off of Ben. He went above and beyond accommodating me by shipping on a day he normally wouldn't. Super quick with the communication and I wouldn't hesitate to deal business with again. All in all he's an A++ Head-Fi'er in my book.
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    Paul was definitely easy to communicate with, prompt with PM responses and best off all shipped ASAP. Not to mention well the item was packaged, goods exactly as described in as-new condition. Thanks for the K26P's!
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    Just met up with the man, the myth, the legend Won himself to complete a local transaction. Ultimately a pleasant experience and I wouldn't hesitate dealing with him again.
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    FS/FT Sennheiser HD570 Symphony

    Doh looks like I checked HeadFi 45 mins too late hehe
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    Purchased a pair of SR80's off Azure and I couldn't be happier. As mentioned above, he was very quick to get to PM's and shipped the day of payment. Total time from my PM to the cans arriving at my doorstep was a blazing fast 4 days. Surely someone I wouldn't hesitate to deal with in the future.
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    WTB: Broken D66 Eggos (need 1 headband)

    Not at the moment... I really love the D66's and really would love to repair them.
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    WTB: Broken D66 Eggos (need 1 headband)

    I'm looking to repair a set of D66 Eggos that I have. The drivers are fine, but I snapped one of the wires/headbands. So if someone has a pair with blown drivers I'd be happy to purchase the band off you