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    I have bought toroidal transformer from Voodoochile, fast shipping and well packed, will do business again. thanks a lot!
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    great seller, bought hd580 from him. arrived quickly and safely. great item as described
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    jp11801: I bought set hd650 with apuresound from him, good as described and fully working condition, fast shipping and good advices, will do business with him again
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    AD700/SR225/HD595/HD600 Comparisons?

    hd600 is the best, if you go hd555 or hd595, try buy a hd580 which very close to hd600 Quote: Originally Posted by Young Spade I am thinking about getting one of these cans as my next upgrade. I listen to rock, hardcore, metal, acoustic, and rap music. I was wondering if these were...
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    FS: hd497 Sennheiser

    hd497 Sennheiser, buy from amazon, only use 2-3 times to test my ipod, total less than 15 minutes use, like new, too big to wear out. want to sell for usd$45+shipping, usa only. price can be neogiated. Paypal, personal check, money order are ok. Sorry not to reply the emails for I just back...
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    Koss Portapro 2 for $20!

    I did not mean you, someone get it before called which will definietly cause the death of the deal Quote: Originally Posted by EightyEight I didn't, but i reallllllyyy hope that the deal didnt die
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    Koss Portapro 2 for $20!

    Do not call cc or koss or the deal will die faster, I have met this problem lot of times before. I like deal websites like dealsea or fatwallet, some guys like to call csr to confirm their order or ask s****d questions, after they called either cc or koss, the deal will dead and no other people...