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    "Audiophile apprenticeship application" Experienced audiophiles please read!

    Hello reader, i'm not sure how well my title convey's my point, so let me explain. I am a young, intelligent audiophile that has a passion to learn everything I can about high-fidelity sound reproduction. Along with my desire to learn, I have the interest, time, and determination to help the...
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    Recommend me your favorite music!

    Bump. Please recommend anything, i'd really like some new music to look into. Especially from any experienced audiophiles, like a list for testing systems, that would be really awesome.
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    Good Closed Headphones to Pair with my Fiio E12 (upgrading from ATH-M50) ?

    Not my point, but yeah. I just meant that $300 is a lot of money, not that it wasn't worth it or wasn't a good deal :P
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    Share your story about excitement for Headphones & other equipment!

    Okay, so I sadly broke my Sennheiser HD 280's a couple of weeks ago, and have been shopping around for the perfect headphones since. With all of the "Black Friday week" deals going on, I really got in the zone and couldn't stop looking at reviews and different headphones and such for about two...
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    Share your story about excitement for Headphones & other equipment!

    So basically, here I am waiting for my headphones, and I am so excited that I can not express my excitement in words.    Anyways, I am sure that there are others in the same place now, or that have been in the same place, and if you want, I am very interested in hearing about everyone's...
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    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    I have never done any mods before, and haven't ever used a soldering iron but I have a good one to practice with first and am an avid welder so shouldn't be too hard for me. I already tried looking up A900x mods... looks like no one has done anything with them yet (or atleast posted about it)...
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    Help buying new over ear headphones & Sound Card/Amp/DAC setup!

    Yes, the Sennheisers have a good balanced, analytic sound with good body for it's price. I understand that's not what you're looking for now, I only did a quick read-over of your post at first, but did you look into the MRD-XB500's I recommended? They are discontinued but should still be pretty...
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    Do all headphones cause ears to get hot?

    Okay, so I would really like to help you, so I have taken it upon my self to do some research into helping finding headphones that will work for you. I looked up the Logitech UE 6000's and it looks like they are $89, so i'm figuring you can work with a budget around that much. As my...
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    Portable Amp for Clip+ and Audio Technica ATH-A900x's

    Do you have any experience with Rockbox? If so what do you think of the software?
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    Recommend me your favorite music!

    Hey, thank you for looking at my post. I am looking for good new music to listen to. Please recommend artists, albums, or songs. I am interested in all genre's of music, but mainly electronic music (any genre like house, dubstep, trance, etc.), Rock, and Hip-Hop. Best regards, ZokharaFi
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    Help buying new over ear headphones & Sound Card/Amp/DAC setup!

    Oh, thank you. I didn't notice that until now but it does seem to only be iPhone users! That's really good news for me actually, because besides those users complaining of static, I really liked the E11.    Best regards, ZokharaFi
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    my first headphone

    If sound staging is that important to you, you really must consider open headphones.
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    Audio file-type differences?

    Until recently I only knew of .MP3 and what ever iTunes translates files to. Now I have been slowly converting my music library to FLAC files, and enjoy the better sound quality very much. Anyways, I am now aware of other hi-fi file-types and was wondering if anyone could provide a list of them...