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    Astell&Kern AK380

    Have you fix the charging issue?im having the same problem..
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    Astell&Kern AK380

    aside from jason,anyone knows who else to contact regarding ak problems?i havent use my 380 foR months now..jason and i had a brief exchange of message after that he stop replying..few months back i remember a lot of people complained about ak customer service.i thought they already sorted it out..
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    Jha 4pin(roxanne/layla) replacemnt cable

    Looking for replcament cable for my jha roxanne.
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    Astell&Kern AK380

    I tried charging it with different charger but still it wont switch on...does anyone have experience with ak customer service?i havent visited headfi for the last 2yrs.i remember that time ak customer service are hard to deal with..
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    Astell&Kern AK380

    Hello mark, I tried using other charger but still the same..before when i try to switch on my 380 there is a battery icon flashing.i think now the battery is already drain.
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    Astell&Kern AK380

    Anyone here have experience charging problem with ak380?mine doesnt want to charge...
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    Hifiman HM901S New Flagship DAP

    Where can i download latest firmware of hm901s?the link on their site is not working.
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    ref 1 too with uber too cable

    Ref 1 too with uber too cable trade for similar price upload pix later
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    Astell&Kern AK380

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    Chord hugo(silver)

    Selling for a friend Ozamis City, Ozamis, Philippines One of the best, if not, the BEST portable D-A converter in the market today. Condition: 9/10. Well-cared for. See photos. Serial number: 22716 Freebie: One SysConcept toslink optical interconnect RCA metal caps included
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    Audiophiles in Dubai?

    Lol.he6?why not get the he1000?:wink:
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    Ak240ss less than 45 days off as this is a brand new replacement unit. Free PEM 12 ak docking station Paypal fees and shipping via fedex are included on the price.
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    Chord Hugo (black)

    Personal Sale: Item: Chord Hugo (Black 2nd Gen) with authentic Hugo leather case Condition: 9/10 mint condition Serial: see pix Unit age: 1year 3mos(rarely used max 300rs) Package: Hugo unit Chord Hugo Leather case Charger Box Accs: Chord USB, long Toslink, short toslink, 3.5-toslink, long...
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    Audiophiles in Dubai?

    What kind of help do you need?
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    Audiophiles in Dubai?

    Wow!!thats a lot of vinyl collection.:grin: