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    JH5 treble rolloff

    I'll consider the TWAG. it's not terrible, the treble just doesn't extend to the top of my head like the TF10. as for dual drivers, I dont think drivers is the problem here because the rolloff in JH5 is almost as bad as UM3x and Earsonics SM3 IMO. Thanks
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    Impressions in Singapore

    $10 shipping. the cheapest one. waited 2 weeks damn sian
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    Impressions in Singapore

    I had mine done thrice at digisound till it was perfect. Same $64.20 charge
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    What do I actually need?!

    Hi guys I currently own a JH5 IEM. I have been using it with my laptop through the earphone jack and I found it to be horrible sounding, not even close to the sound of my iPhone 4. the sound card cannot be changed, so I am looking for a device to bypass that crappy sound card and enjoy my music...
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    Impressions in Singapore

    Digisound novena definitely. ACE hearing at ngee ann city is cheaper at $50..
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    1964 Ears

    Quote:   Quote:   Comforting to hear that.. I'm from Singapore too and I too shipped via the cheapest option. I opted for the Singpost Postpac cardboard box although my impressions were actually way smaller. How much did you guys pay? I paid around S$10. without the box was...
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    What beats the Westone UM3X ?

    I have been listening to the UM3X and Westone 4 interchangably for about a day now. The Westone 4 is easily superior, just based on the overall listening experience and not nitpicking at the details of the IEMs. The UM3X just sounded too open and seperated to be musical, whereas the W4 was very...
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    UM Aero or JH5?

    you might also find it confusing because after listening for a longer period of time on different songs, more flaws were revealed in comparisons..
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    UM Aero or JH5?

    sorry for the confusion. basically, the Aero was excellent until I compared it to both Westones, because the Westones revealed so many flaws in the Aero. however the JH5 still performed better when compared to both the UM2 and Um3x. The JH5 just seemed to bridge the gap between both Westones...
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    Earsonics EM1.. any reviews from anyone?

    Hi guys anyone here got a pair of Earsonics EM1s? Barely any reviews here on Head-fi.. would appreciate if anyone of you can give a short review or some impressions if you have it. thanks.
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    UM Aero or JH5?

    Hi guys, need some help making this decision. I have spent countless hours trying to decide before making this investment but still unable to decide. With the UM Aero on a 20% discount now, should I get the UM Aero or JH5? I have tried both demos and found both to be excellent in sound quality...
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    Build quality, UM compared to JH and Earsonics?

    Bump. Anyone else has comments on the build quality of JH vs Earsonics? Just the aesthetics, because I believe both companies can do fantastic-sounding earphones.
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    Build quality, UM compared to JH and Earsonics?

    Hi guys I'm looking for a custom IEM with good build quality. Having read the forums for awhile, seems like nothing can match UM for its build quality. However, I would like to consider some other options too. How is the build quality of JH audio compared to UM? Is it way inferior?   Anyone...
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    The Best Headphones Under 400$ ? (1964-Duals Review)

      Quote:   Wow, is the quality really that bad.. Did you ask for a rush build for $75?