Head Gear Reviews by zhouf
  1. Aurisonics ASG-2

    4.50 star(s)
    Background: When I received my ASG’s, the only headphones I had in my possession were the Audeo PFE 232.  I had had the 232’s for about two months, and had grown used to the neutral sound signature by the time my ASG-2’s arrived. As with all of my reviews, I let my headphones burn in naturally. I don’t use pink noise or white noise – I just use my headphones and after about a hundred hours (five-six weeks) have elapsed, I know the headphones have settled into a more-or-less permanent state.   Source: Macbook Pro / iPhone 5 (no DAC’s)   Initial...
  2. Heir Audio Tzar 90

    5.00 star(s)
      Initial Impressions   I’ll begin with a quick comparison between the Tzar 90’s to the well-received Heir 3Ai’s. I received my 3Ai’s a few months ago, and I clearly remember the first song I listened to. Sara Bareille’s “City – Live at the Fillmore” totally blew me away. The song begins with the crowd, with someone on the left screaming “I love you Sara!” Music inches in, slowly, and the piano drops. I remember being totally blown away by the first few notes from the piano.   Fast forward to Jan. 14th – I’ve just received my Tzar 90+’s...