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    Comment by 'Zhanming057' on listing 'SP1000 + AMP steel w/ extras'

    Sorry, looking to sell as a bundle right now.
  2. SP1000 + AMP steel w/ extras

    Selling my SP1000 + AMP Steel. I am the first owner of both, original purchase in 2018/2019. The cosmetic condition is pretty good except the top steel section which has picked up some scratches (see picture). The screen has always had a glass screen protector on. I no long have the original...
  3. Meze Liric Like New w/ extras

    Selling a pair of like new Meze Lirics. I bought them late last year and have only used them a handful of times. They're really good cans - arguably the best closed-backs on the market. I got them to use in the office, and we ended up being fully WFH so there's not much reason to keep these...
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    Feedback by 'Zhanming057' on listing 'Chord TT2'

    Bought this from jaboki - excellent sale experience all around. Highly recommended.
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    Comment by 'Zhanming057' on listing 'Labkable Pandora mmcx-2.5mm'

    Creators silver 4 sold, Labkable still available. Victor
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    Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

    I'm trying to find a battery pack for the TT2 as a "outdoor lounge" solution. Will this Omni charger work? It says that it can do 12v or 16v DC out at 3.5a. I know Rob uses a different battery but I like that this one has a...
  7. FS: Campfire Solaris Special Edition SE

    This is the special edition with the abalone faceplates. Cosmetically I would rate them 9.5/10, the faceplates are in great condition and there are no visible chips/scruffs. They don't come with the original CA cable but they do come with the original box, tips, carrying case, pouch, a 10-wire...
  8. Labkable Pandora mmcx-2.5mm

    Selling two TOTL IEM cables: - Labkable Pandora mmcx to 2.5mm TRRS. Got this in a trade but I don't really have any need for another MMCX cable at this point. Comes with original carbon carrying case. 10 wire hybrid design and easily one of the best on the market - $100 or best offer. - SOLD...
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    Sharing my friend's poor experience with Woo Audio's customer service

    Nonsense. You don't get to give a non response and blame the customer for being upset.