I have a messed up back/spine (bunch of disk herniations) that puts me on my ass most of the time.
I am somewhat of an artist(painting, playing music), biking, videogames, and a huge THE LORD OF THE
Gamer all the way!!!
Headphone Inventory
Shure E500, and E310... Ety ER-4P/S
Headphone Amp Inventory
HR Cosmic
Source Inventory
Rega Planet
Other Audio Equipment
I absolutely love my Klipsch RW-12 sub!!!
Music Preferences
NIN, Interpol, Postal Service, MGMT, Silver Sun Pickups, Radiohead, DMB, Boards of Canada, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Led Zeppelin, Alman Bros., The Who, Karsh Kale, Thievery Corp., DJ Krush...
Sony PSP & Nintendo DSi
Its been a "golden age" for portables!!!
Student @ S.F. State University.


"Wasted time that is enjoyed being spent, is not really time being wasted at all. "
-John Lennon-

"Not all who wander are lost."
-J.R.R. Tolkien-My one and only headphone rig: Rega Planet 2000 > Arcam A75 int/pre amp > HR CosmicV1 > Ety 4P/S, Shure SE530/E500, and Shure SE310 on rotation... in...