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    Sub $500 full size closed headphone recommendations?

    Thoughts on the audioTechnica A1000Z vs Beyer T70?...I like the idea of the audeze SINE with larger pads (got links?) but wouldn't the smaller cups get hot? I'd probably have them on my head 6+ hours a day... The Meze are gorgeous, but almost too much so! They make me feel self-conscious just...
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    Sub $500 full size closed headphone recommendations?

    Using an odac/O2, what closed cans would folks recommend for varied musical tastes in the sub-$500 range? I like punchy, tight, and extended bass, a wide soundstage, and clear highs with a little sparkle. Think experimental jazzy electronically RnB classic classical...etc. Currently using...
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    Portable rugged bluetooth speakers recommendations?

    I'm looking for a speaker to be ran over bluetooth from my android phone, mostly for music outdoors (parks, biking, beach, camping).  I need the speaker to get loud and be rugged, while still sounding decent (I'm not doing any critical listening with a bluetooth speaker, and it may get...
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    Z-Audio amps?

    Feel free to contact me directly at if you've got any questions!
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    I need help with adobe photoshop.

    I just google for tutorials, find one that looks fun, and do it....I've learned a whole lot that way.
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    The Music that defines me....

    Wow, you guys have some good taste!
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    Update on amp ordered more 1 1/2 months ago

    After reading over this, I think you're talking about me and Z-audio...I assume you're JGE? I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough in the emails, my apologies. Although, since this is public, I would like to explain a bit to avoid any negative ideas... The shipping situation has been a bit...
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    Ahoy! another Oregon meet?

    James, if they can't be fixed under warranty, you could always get a re-cable! Heck, I could bring my tools to the meet and we could do it there!
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    i-Audio Lambda Review

    Excellent review, thanks! And do mention anything possibly "negative" about the amp you find, I'm always looking for ways to improve the design! i.e. the difficulty of fitting batteries, the clunking around inside of the batteries, that sorta thing.
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    Does my dream amp exist? Here's what I need...

    This thread had some good comparisons: In particular, in regards to the Mu, this post:
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    Pics of my new Evo and a friend's 2.5RS with my new Rebel xt!

    yeah, I know how to fix the lens flare problem, and yeah, it's the kit lense. And yeah, they're over exposed....I usually shoot with a lower exposure compensation, and for some reason I had it off and didn't notice. Also, the retouching I did in PS did some of that....just messing around with...
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    Pics of my new Evo and a friend's 2.5RS with my new Rebel xt!

    Other mods? yeah, a couple... Exterior: Chargespeed wide front fenders Veilside front spolier CF Hood Interior: Autometer Boost Gauge SPF Steering wheel RCI 6 point harnesses MR Short Shift with kartboy bushings Engine: TME Turbo Ported/Polished/HPC coated stock manifold...
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    Pics of my new Evo and a friend's 2.5RS with my new Rebel xt!

    warning added....and those pics ARE resized! Bigger is prettier..hehe..
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    Pics of my new Evo and a friend's 2.5RS with my new Rebel xt!

    went out for a daytime photoshoot with my buddy who just got a 98 2.5RS. The night shoot will be posted late tomarrow! Let me know what you think!! Input would be great! planning on blacking out my tails like I did the heads....and I REALLY need a lens hood....