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    Isn’t perception reality when we’re dealing with how the senses perceive things? What I’d love to see is Amir rating products objectively first and measuring second.
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    Feedback by 'zeluiz22' on listing 'IBASSO DX320 Blue three weeks old'

    Great, smooth transaction. Thanks much Justin.
  3. IBASSO DX320 Blue three weeks old

    Hi. Bought from Bloom Audio mid - August. Mint condition with all included accessories and original packaging. Priced to sell. Pictures to follow. Shipping and PayPal included in price.
  4. New Silver Lumin U2 Mini Streamer Transport with REMOTE KIT

    Relisted. Hi. I received this from an authorized dealer on June 4, 2022. It is like new in original package with all original included accessories. Full warranty transfers to you. I also add the new LUMIN remote control and USB kit. ($250 retail)...
  5. Meze Elite w 3 extra cables (Cardas Corpse 10ft 1/4 “, ZMF XLR and Corpse 4’ 1/8)

    Hi. Complete in pelican box w original 1/4 in cable and extra Cardas/Corpse 10ft 1/4 in, ZMF XLR and Corpse 1/8 inch cable for portable use. Reopened listing.
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    Comment by 'zeluiz22' on listing 'Jay's Audio CDT2-mk3'

    Me too. Hav the CD2. How could anything be better?
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    Comment by 'zeluiz22' on listing 'Jay's Audio CDT2-mk3'

    Oh no. They have a new model?
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    Comment by 'zeluiz22' on listing 'delete'

    Great price. The combo (feet and amp) is now $7k.
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    Comment by 'zeluiz22' on listing 'delete'

    You can do no better if you’re looking to drive a good set of stand mounts and headphones from one device.
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    Feedback by 'zeluiz22' on listing 'Chord Mojo 2'

    Fantastic transaction with Rhoadey. Great communication and effortless deal. Thanks again!