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    Do you feel VACUITY sometimes in your life?

    Yes. Not only Orpheus system, I used to own R10, OmegaII, K1000, etc. Here is the pics of the Orpheus and Baby Orpheus PS: this is really not what we are talking about. We are not talking about Headphones at this moment.
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    Do you feel VACUITY sometimes in your life?

    Thanks for your guys help so far. I think it is just the matter the way people thinking. Something in our life we can never escape. Then we have to learn to face it.
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    Do you feel VACUITY sometimes in your life?

    Sometimes I feel my life is so vacuity. At that time, nothing can bring me back my interest. I was totally lost my energy. And I just want to end my life hence to stop the vacuity on me.
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    Received R10 Replacement Ear Pads

    I can surely say that: the R10s pads are real Leather! The SR007s are man-made lether! For me, SONY gives us a overpriced of the R10s pads, though the pads REALLY comfortable. For the R10 phones, it is more than a pads, the quality of R10 are good, but the quality of the people who make...
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    Where is "search"?

    I used to see it was on the top of the page, but where has it gone? Was "search" limited for a few members or it was canceled?
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    REVIEW: Sennheiser HE90 "Orpheus" vs. Stax Omega 2

    First, I should say:" Well done, Eric!" You gave a really good review on these two Headphones. BUT~~~ Second, I do not agree with you for some part or some opinion of the review. I used to compare these four systems: Orpheus(HE90/HEV90) VS (SR007/KGSS) VS (R10/HR2) VS Baby...
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    Police's Car in Italy!--amazing!?!

    Quote: Originally Posted by doctorjuggles Yeah, that's a Lamorghini Gallardo. Lambo donated one to the Italian police force to celebrate their anniversary. Don't see why they can't donate one to me too. You are right! But Lambo did not donated the car to the police. The...
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    Police's Car in Italy!--amazing!?!

    For those of you who like overspeed when you driving.(In Italy) PLEASE PLEASE BE CAREFUL! These damn news will let you know ----- whatever you drive, once you was found by police! Well, Well, it is mre harder to escape than before! Why? Because of the damn car!
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    I am about to die!

    What~ you guys are just coldblooedness!!!
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    I am about to die!

    I am now having cough, headache, snivel, and pain of my voice, etc! damn! I feel just like @#$@#$#$^&%^&( Please give me some really useful advice to save me out of this HELL!
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    A silly question about PayPal.

    Hi, guys. As you know, I am selling my HiEnd setup at the moment. I have a Paypal account, and I can accept Paypal payment. Some Headfier interested in my setup, and of course, they Booked them. When we made a deal, the way they pay...
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    Sennheiser Orpheus questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spent&Bent Hi, near the bottom of the linked page there is a word "terug" (means back in english) use this to go back to the main page where you can find the big graphic @ sign near the bottom which you can use to email. Hope this gets you along...
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    Sennheiser Orpheus questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by robythecat Sennheiser has delivered the last three Orpheus last year to Sennheiser dealers. One is sold, two are available. And "demo models" are still in stock at some stores. Buy this one: They...
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    What high end cans are you currently using?

    Own HD600S+ZU-MOBIUS,DT880,F1, ER4P-S before~ currently using HE60,R10,SR007~
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    New headphone of SONY (pics)~

    well, if it is the new flagship, how can be the price less than R10?! it is not because of the thing you said. if it is flagship. And if the real price just around 2400US! That means for the people who wish to get a pair of R10s, they should pay more than get a R1, and the more payment...