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    my Westone UM2s broke.. replacement suggestions?

    The GR07 are very good sounding for the price and will replace them well because highly detailed soundquality, punchy bass, crisp clear mids, highs and wider soundstage with great builtquality. The other IEMs like UE TF10Pro, JVC FXZ100, FXZ200 and Sony EX7550 are also recommended too.
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    The best medium/low budget portable amp?

    If you are short on budget then Fiio E11 are great buy and they sound powerful, detailed, punchy with most low impedance headphones but JDS C421 are clear upgrade over E11 without paying much.
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    Natural Headphones ?

    The Difference is big enough to make decision easier about these headphones like HD800 are bright yet clilincal, highly detailed but on cold side of sound. Grado PS1000 has little wamer, airy soundsignature than HD800 and highly detailed, vocal(male/female) sound so amazing on PS1000 and at the...
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    Natural Headphones ?

    The Grado PS1000 are the most natural sounding headphones with wide soundstage and overall balanced soundquality. LCD-02 are also close and they sound amazing if pair with right AMPs/DAC.
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    What are the best headphones to buy?

    The LCD-02 has big solid punchy deep bass and realy wide soundstage with amazing midrange and good detailed highs if pair with right AMPs/DAC(tube AMPs are recommended)..
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    Need Help Buying First Customs: JH16 vs Heir Audio 8.A vs UM Miracle/Merlin vs Westone ES5

    The Jerry Harvey made the UETF10Pro and if you like the same soundsignature then JH16Pro are amazing because it has wider soundstage, bigger bass and rich detailed mids, highs than UETF10Pro. Westone ES5 is another great IEMs with forward highly detailed mids, well extended highs, tight punchy...
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    Looking for iems with a LOT of bass for under $350

    IMO Denon C300 willbe safe buy and it offers heavy dynamic bass and crisp clear soundquality.
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    Confused about the upgrade of Denon AH-C751

    If you are looking for bassy yet detailed IEMs then UE TF10Pro, Klipsch Image X10, JVC FXZ100, FXZ200, Sony XB90EX, Yamaha EPH100 and GR07BE are highly recommended. GR07 are amazing for the price with tight punchy bass and shows lots of hidden detailed(wider soundstage).
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    Help me find some bass heavy IEMs for under 150!

    The GR07 are very good sounding yet offers pretty good punchy bass and wider soundstage(highly recommended) and GR07 bass edition version is also avalable too. UE TF10Pro, Klipsch Image X10 are another great bassy IEMs and shows lots of hidden details in music and they has wider soundstage.
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    Samsung phones have bad quality sound?

    I feel this strange sound change great to bad and it hink where software invloves then it gives multiple access to some play around.
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    Help Choosing Portable Music Player

    Quote: Agree, The iPhone 4S offers true lineout signals(much cleaner than HP jack) through line out dock port and AMPs will realy help to improve the soundquality than HP jack.
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    Hello! I'm looking for a closed headphones. Can anyone help me?

    The Klipsch M40, K550(are very good sounding and very detailed), Denon D2000 are highly recommended if you can find them because they are realy good sounding with punchy bass and realy improve with AMPs help. Denon D600(amazing sounding with punchy bass but soundstage is smaller than D2000)...
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    Need your guys help

    The Sony XB90EX, JVC FXD80, Turbine, Klipsch Image X10 are very good with genres music because they emphesis on bass and overall crisp clear soundquality.
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    Portable amp for iPod nano (7th gen) & westone 4r

    The JDS Labs C421 are lot more clear than any Fiio AMPs i tried and they are well biult. RSA Mustang P51, XM6 are also small and much better sounding AMPs.
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    $100-150 iem for pop, country and r&b

    If you can't choose between BA and Dynamic then moving BA driver IEMs like EQ7, EQ5 are better sounding of both dynamic and BA with more balance and dynamic soundquality.