Motorcycle riding, tracking my car at road courses, trap/pistol competition shooting, golf
Headphone Inventory
JH-16 pros
Sennheiser HD800
Audeze LCD-3/2013 production model
Headphone Amp Inventory
Woo WA22 w/7236, 6SN7GT, Sophia Princess 274b mesh plate tubes
Oppo HA-1
Source Inventory
Cowon P1/J3/S9
iPod G6 120G(for use ONLY in my truck through my stereo)
Xonar STX sound card
Oppo BDP-95
Woo Audio CD transport and DAC
Cable Inventory
Several Moon Audio Dragon cables for headphone and interconnect use.
Design large fiber channel data networks


HEADPHONES: Senn HD800s | Audeze LCD-X | Focal Stellia | JH Roxanne universal/CIEM's
SOURCES: Chord Hugo2Go (ROON) | iBasso DX220 | WOO Audio WTP-1 Redbook CD transport/WDS-1 DAC | microRendu (ROON) | Marantz HD-DAC1 | nothing but FLAC/DSD files!
AMPS: Woo WA22 with 7236, 6SN7GT, Sophia 274b mesh plate and USAF 596 rectifier tubes, HeadAmp GS-x Mini