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    Loudspeakers building
    Headphone Inventory:
    AT-1000LTD, AT-707, Panasonic RP1000, AKG-260, 270, 450, 141, 550, Sens 600, 650, MB-Quart 400, QP805, Thinksound-1; Fostex 500HP; Yamaha RPH200, Brainwz HM5, B&O B6; Pioneer SE-1 Master, B&W P5, KRK-8400, Rotel RH-930, Phillips L1, AQ NightHawk; TDK ST750, Somic PSB M4U, Yamaha HPH-MT220, AudioFly AF240, custom AlClair Audio in-ear, Focal Elear; Sennheiser Momentum 2 and others
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    RudiStor NX3, Hotaudio; Fiio Mount Blanc, Fostex HP-A4, number of rack-mounted devices by Denon, Tascam, and Roland
    Source Inventory:
    Several vintage turntables, CD players
    Power-Related Components:
    Separate AC line, Furman Power Conditioneers, Hospital-grade isolation transformers
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Quad-amplified speakers, Tannoy SGM15B; Tannoy DMT; Tannoy Precision speakers, DBX 4800 processor, DBX crossover, Behringer Ultradrive processor; Hafler TransNova, NAD and Marantz power amps, number of speakers and power amps around the house, number of vintage and modern FM tuners


    Pioneer SE1 Master, AT-1000LTD, AT-707, AudioQuest NightHawk, Fostex 500HP; Thinksound-1,Panasonic RP1000, AKG-260, 270, 450, 141, 550, Sens 650, MB-Quart 400, QP805, Yamaha RPH200, Brainwz HM5, B&O B6;B&W P5, KRK-8400, Phillips L1, TDK ST750, Somic HM463, PSB M4U, Focal Elear; AudioFly 240; Yamaha HPH-MT220 other others
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