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Oct 7, 2019
May 10, 2008
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Head-Fier, Male

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Oct 7, 2019
  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    64Audio: U4-SE, U8, U10, U12, U18, Tia Fourte
    Adele: VK-1 (2 x Classic, 2 x Carbon)
    AKG: N90Q, K3003 x 2, K3003i x 3, K550, AKG K702A, N40
    Astell & Kern: AKR01, AKR03, AKT1p, AKT5p, AKT8iE Mk II x 2
    Audeo: PFE232, PFE022, PFE122
    Audeze: LCD-2 (Rev 1) x 2, LCD-2 (Rev 2) x 1
    Audio Technica: ATH-IM04, ATH-IM03, CK100Pro, W3000ANV, CKW1000ANW, W1000x, ESW9, ESW10JPN, CK100, ATH-M50x
    Aurisonics: ASG 2
    Beats: Solo 2, Detox Pro
    Beyerdynamic: Xelento, T1, T5p, T50p, T70p, DT1350, DT770 Limited Edition, Aventho Wireless
    Bowers-Wilkins: P9 Signature, PX, P7, P5 Wireless, P5 x 2 (White, Black), C5 x 3, P3 x 2 (White, Black)
    Campfire: VEGA
    DITA: The Answer (Regular x 1, Truth edition x 1)
    Earsonic: EM6 x 2 (Yellow, White), EM4 x 2 (Black, Clear), EM3Pro (Clear), EM2Pro (Blue), SM2 (Clear), SM3 (Clear), SM3v2 (Black), SM64 (Revised Edition), S-EM6, Velvet x 2 (Black, Crystal)
    Etymotic Research: ER4SR, ER4XR, ER4PT x 2, ER4S, ER4P, HF2
    FitEar: Fitear 335DW, FitEar To Go 334 x 2, Parterre x 2, F111 x 2, FitEar x 1
    Final Audio: FI-BA-SS-T, FI-BA-SS x 2, Piano Forte IX, Piano Forte X-CC, Heaven VI-CC
    Focal: Spirit One, Focal Elex
    Fostex: TH900
    Hifiman: HE-500, RE600
    j-phonic: K2sp x 2 (Black, Skeleton)
    JH Audio: JH13Pro x 2 (White, Blue), JH16Pro (Clear)
    Klipsch: Custom 3, X5, X10, X10i, X20i
    Martin Logan: Mikros 70 x 2
    Noble: Encore, Kaiser 10u, Savant, Noble X (Massdrop Edition)
    Pioneer: SE Master-1
    Sennheiser: HD800s, HD800, IE800s, IE800 x 4, IE8i, Momentum x 2 (Brown x 1 and Black x 1)
    Shure: SE846, SE535, SE530, E5C
    Stax: SR-009
    Sony: MDR-Z1R, XBA-Z5, MDR-Z7, Q010, SA5000, Z1000, EX1000, XPA-4iP, XPA-3iP, MDR-CD900ST, MDR-1000X, WH-1000XM2
    Ultimate Ears: Reference Monitor, Triple.fi 10 Pro, Super.fi 5 Pro, UE900 x 2
    Ultrasone: Edition M, Edition 7, Edition 9 x 2, Edition 8 x 3 (Original x 1 and Limited x 2), Edition 10 x 2, IQ
    V-MODA: M100
    Westone: ES3 x 2 (Clear, Blue), Westone 3 (LE), Westone 4, ADV, UM2, UM3X, UM3XRC, UM Pro 50, W60
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Luxman: P-1u
    Headamp: GS-X, Pico x 2 (w/o DAC; w/ DAC)
    Stax: SRM-727tii
    iQube: V1
    Ray Samuels Audio: Predator, P-51 Mustang
    Wadia: 151 PowerDAC mini
    Benchmark: DAC1Pre (Silver), DAC1HDR (Black)
    Blossom: BLO0299 x 2 (LCD2 Edition + Special Edition) with Cary Power Supply / Blossom Dedicated Power Supply and BLO-0160EW Power Supply
    Fostex: HP-P1
    Just Audio: AHA120, uHA-120D
    Sony: PHA-1 x 2
    Sennheiser: HDVD800
    Resonessence: Herus
    Meridien: Explorer x 2, Prime (with Power supply)
    Audioquest: Dragon
    ADL: X1
    Chord: Hugo (Silver x 1, Black x 1)
    Chord: Mojo (Black x 2)
    Pioneer: XPA700
    Source Inventory:
    Wadia: 170i (Silver) x 2, 171i (Black) x 3 + VDC9 x 2 (Power Supply)
    Esoteric: D-07
    Wyred4Sound: DAC2
    Astell & Kern: AK100, AK120, RWAK100, RWAK120, AK240, RWAK240, RWAK380 (RWAK 380AMP)
    Onkyo: DPX-1, DPZ-1A
    Sony: NW-WM1A, NW-WM1Z, ZX2 x 2, ZX1 x 2, ZXES1, A35 (Red), A17 x 2 (Black, Silver)
    Apple: iOS devices
    Cable Inventory:
    APuresound AP3: HD800, Edition 9, Edition 8, Edition 7
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon: Edition 9, HD800, SA5000, LCD-2; and all interconnect cables, all Power Cords,
    Stefan AudioArt: Endorphin for HD800, LCD 2, HE-500; E-series for P5, Power Cords
    ALO Cable: HD800, LCD-2
    Cardas: Clear interconnect Cable
    AK Crystal cables...


    Good day ahead!
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