Head Gear Reviews by Yoram Diamand
  1. Schiit Audio Valhalla 2

    4.00 star(s)
    Hi I compared the Beyerdynamic T1.2 with the schiit Valhalla2 and the Stax sr-L700 mk1 with the SRM T1-S amp. The T1.2 was too woolly, and the L700 was too bright. So I need a better energizer, I agree. Still the T1.2 was lovely. I like it, and I will enjoy the Valhalla 2 a lot till I can afford a Woo WA2.
  2. STAX SR-L700

    5.00 star(s)
    My sister brought me some Stax SR-L700 mk1 from Japan. I combine it with a SRM T1-S energizer, and an Ayre QB-9 24/96 for the nice records of Qobuz-Studio. I quit the Gumby for a better Dac. The old Ayre is better than new Schiit it seems. It is a good thing that Stax produced the aluminum yokes of the L700 mk 2. I once broke the plastic yokes of the mk 1. Even without letting them fall from a height. With the L700 I am able to enjoy the better recording quality of modern record studios. But, like the SR- 009, the L700 needs a too expensive...