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    Will this cable work for my subwoofer?

    Hi,   My (diy) subwoofer amp has an RCA input called LFE. At the moment I use a very cheap and thin cable that goes to my receiver's subwoofer out. Sound is good, but if that cable is touched a bit, it makes crazy sounds, probably because I use an extender and the connection there isn't...
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    Looking to improve the comfort of my headphones

    Sounds like a little project, and I'm not even sure if it's the pads.
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    Looking for a basic headphone amp to couple with an SMSL M8

    So can I have the onboard sound card enabled just for the input (mic), and the DAC set as the output? Is it possible? What about cheaper headphone amps? I feel that spending $100 on an amp for a $50 pair of headphones makes no sense.
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    Looking for a basic headphone amp to couple with an SMSL M8

    Hi,   I have a simple pair of headphones - Noontec Zoro. I'd like to use them for gaming. I have an SMSL M8 on its way, so I'm looking for an headphone amp to couple it with. There's no need for fancy stuff since the headphones are basic.   BTW, is there an amp that also has a mic input...
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    Can I add virtual surround if my sound card doesn't have it?

    Thanks, sounds like a good solution.   What about getting a Xonar U7 USB sound card? It's got surround and those fancy effects. Will its sound quality be a downgrade compared to an ESI Juli@?
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    Will this be a downgrade?

    Going from an ESI Juli@ to a Xonar U7, will it be a downgrade in terms of sound quality?   Thanks.
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    Help choosing a USB sound card or DAC

    Hi,   I have serious interference issues inside the case, so I need a new sound card or DAC, but only external. I have an ESI Juli@ so I want something that has equally good, or better, sound quality.   I currently only use speakers but would like to be able to connect a mic and headphones...
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    Replacement for ESI Juli@ (external only)

    Hi,   I need a PCIe sound card or external DAC, for music, games and movies / TV shows. I have a Juli@ but it's PCI and sits too close to the GPU so there's lots of buzz noise when the GPU is working hard.   Would be great if it has outputs for both speakers and headphones, or even surround...
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    Alternative to ESI Juli@?

    Hi,   I've had an ESI Juli@ since 2008. Yesterday it froze my PC and the driver will no longer install properly (it's recognized under Device Manager as "multimedia controller". Even after a restart post driver install, it's still not fully recognized and does not appear under "Sound" settings...
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    Bongiovi DPS (Digital Power Station)

    So once it's installed you choose your type of speakers: laptop, desktop or headphones. Then you choose between Music and Movie mode. There's also an EQ that lets you adjust Bass and Treble gain, and also the frequencies affected by said sliders. There are profiles, too: "New Orleans...
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    M-Audio BX5 D2 and Microlab SOLO6C - are they even in the same class?

    Hi,   I can't actually afford a new pair of BX5 speakers, but I found a competing model, used, for a price I can afford. The Microlab SOLO6C are affordable for me, much cheaper than BX5 speakers.   The "competing model" is Samson Resolv A6, and I read in a review that it's a bit better, but...
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    Don't hate me but... do cables matter?

    What about this one? It looks better built to me, and includes fancy words such as "pure copper", "shielded" and others. :)
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    ESI Juli@ not receive signal from "multimedia" mic

    Hi,   I have a Zalman zn-mic1 microphone that is used for online gaming, skype and things like that. It has a red, 3.5mm stereo plug. I have used a cable like this one...