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    USB related question

    I use a linear regulated USB isolator for this. The amount of benefit really depends on just how good or bad your existing USB port and computer PSU are.
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    Teradak Teralink-X2 released 19.1.10

    The ground loop problem I had before is gone now. My Teralink-X2-M lives again!   I mounted a USB isolator on top, and wired the USB cables directly to the board. Here the isolator draws clean power from the Teralink's built in PSU. But normally this isolator has its own linear regulator...
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    Using my iMac and USB output is there an "equalizer" type program so I can fine tune my audio output before it gets to my amp?

    "Create an Equalizer for All Audio in Mac OS X"   This uses Soundflower and AU Lab. Both of which are free to download. Have not tried it myself yet.
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    Mini3 left side no sound

    Agreed. And the initial checks on the Mini³ website are a good place to start.   Try reflowing R5L, R1L, and L1L if you have not done so already.
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    Is This CMOY Amp and Crossfeed Circuit Any Good?

    The last two items you listed are by fred_fred_2004. He's an established Head-fi member and regularly contributes in the DIY forum here. If you're looking to buy a CMoy, you won't go wrong with him.   I'm not familiar with the other two sellers. (Doesn't mean they're not good, I just don't...
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    newbie investigating cans and USB DAC/amps

    It depends on the specific laptop and DAC/amp. But yes, a USB DAC/amp will almost definitely improve sound quality compared with a laptop's default headphone output. 5V isn't a lot, but it is enough to drive most 32Ω headphones.   The DACport you mentioned earlier is well regarded, though I...
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    Beyerdynamic DT770 vs ATH-M50 for noise isolation

    DT770 is much more comfortable than the M50. It also beats the M50 in isolation by a little bit. The best isolation is still from in-ear monitors though.  
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    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Mini TRS to mini TRS cable braided with Navships wire. (For wiring a remote pot to my upcoming Volumite controller that I'll be installing in my Buffalo II.)   Balanced headphone cable: 4-pin XLR to mini TRRS with Mogami star quad. (The TRRS goes into my modified Fostex T50RP.)  ...
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    XLR to TRRS cable.
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