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    Help a guy out...... Anyone had to glue their IEMs back toghether?

    I glued my re0 back together at the seam in the earbud after it separated from going in the washing machine like in this thread:   I just used super glue and it's done the job grand. The glue used originally...
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    Review by 'yimrsg' on item 'Alessandro MS1i'

    Value As a European, most Grado products sold here are almost prohibitively expensive when compared to our American counterparts. A Grado Sr80 retails for £108 ($167/€125)on whilst in the states its $99 (£64/€74) from at present exchange rates, a significant...
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    Alessandro MS1 Questions (primarily for UK users, but all responses appreciated!)

    I got mine in about 20 days from ordering I think and had no charge from the VAT. Think I got lucky with them slipping through excl taxes.
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    Head-Direct RE0 Appreciation Thread

    I was looking for some to upgrade from my se110 as it wasnt holding my attention. After reading the praise for the RE0 in the other thread and the competitive price (i'd already spent 110 on an ms-1i so it was easy to justify it to myself). It is as others have mentioned its...
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    isuues with Alessandro!

    Hi Captain73, sorry to hear about your story. My experience with Alessandro delivery is quite different. It took 10 days for my ms-1i to ship and be delivered to me in the UK. I ordered mine back 22nd July but was expecting it to be closer to 4 to 6 weeks (at worst) but was delighted to get them...
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    Whats the deal with skullcandy?

    As regards skullcandy pricepoint (I'm a UK resident) they have increased their prices markedly over the last few years. I paid under £30 in Autumn 2007 for GI's and which now retails closer to £50 and is above that on the high street. Admittedly there has been some changes in design along...
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    Skullcandy Headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by b0oMeR I don't think anyone should buy earphone/headphones that are less than $200. I mean you owe it to yourself to preserve your ears. Somethings can be cheap and somethings cannot. Earphones is one of em. That has to be one of the most nonsensical...
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    Alessandro Music Series One "2009 improved version" question

    I also read they were uncomfortable and saw that someone added a beyer headband to it, all I can say is some people must have very soft heads! link here: I'll probably hold off till the E7 comes out and see how people rate it. I've...
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    Alessandro Music Series One "2009 improved version" question

    Quote: Originally Posted by garlleg I ordered mine the 21st and got them yesterday too, they spent ages in customs I think. I got hit for £17 vat and handling charge unfortunately (still a bargain though), how come yours weren't taxed, did they mark the price down ? I haven't tried...
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    Alessandro Music Series One "2009 improved version" question

    I ordered the MS-1 on the 22nd July and recieived a confirmation email the same day. My credit card was charged (and shipped I asked if it was possible to change the delivery address) on the 24th July and received them today, the 31st. I managed to avoid the import tax also. I'm in manchester...
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    A newb seeks advice on Alessandro MS-1, Fiio E5 & JVC HA-RX 700

    Hi all, just starting out so on becoming an audiophile and was seeking some advice and knowledge. I listen to a fairly broad range of music; classical, wu-tang clan, metallica, the doors, girl talk, velvet underground, chemical brothers, pink floyd, sonic youth etc. My source is a ipod...
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