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    Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

    Quote:   Where can one get the new Hisound Dap? Is it coming for sale yet?
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    Tralucent audio 1plus2

    On headfi there are few members  who actually own it. I believe one can read all about it on thread dedicated to tralucent 1plus2
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    Fischer Audio DBA02 mk2 , Venture Craft Godap 4, for sale

    For sale mint condition DBA02mk2 and Go Dap 4 for iphone 4S Black OPA2134 practically new . No signs of wear! have been used for few hours that is it. looking to sell as set  combo set price $400USD GODAP unit 4 alone cost you alone $365 so you practically get DBA02mk2 free of charge...
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    [REVIEW] Fischer Audio FA-004wh - For Those Treble Lovers on a Budget!

    is this model you are reviewing here is for Fa004 v2, cant tell? on fischer`s site it actually specifies V2
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    Looking for IEMs

    For within your price range check Fischer Audio stuff This people have vast array of earphones for all tastes and prices. The cost/performance ratio is quite good. I personally only have heard the top of the line DBA02 but there are reviews on headfi for their mid level models or even entry...
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    I need a pair of portable, comfortable and light headphones for the gym.. any ideas?

    Quote:  looking for headphones, isnt M6P earphone?   check Sprot sereis from Fischer Audio I have not used this since I dont go to gym but hey I have Master Series headphones some good stuff
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    Headphones for about $200

    Do recommend to look at Fischer Audio headphones/cans Fa004 V2 is fabulous for its price vs performance ratio.
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    Can't decide on my first actual Hi-end IEMs - help needed

    How about earsonics SM3V2 from france. This company famous for making customs and the Sm3 was their first universal model. when this came out, they were very highly spoken about. Still people recommend them around here. also similar to UM3X model great isolation with both um3x and Sm3
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    Upgrade recommendations from Westone 4?

    how about FX700 ? Dynamic driver with wood finish, beautiful sounding earphones,  quite a change from Westones. Another one e-Q7 from Ortofon, uses same driver from GR10. Very similar sound signature to GR10. Price is a bit lower as well
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    Buying Stax SR-009 From

    PriceJapan is fairly decent  place to order from Japan other then warranty/service...the process is lengthy and cost additional dough. another place I`d recommend is Name of owner is Dimitris. Very reliable service and also price was good. I have not seen Stax brand on...
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    Where to Buy AT CK10

    Ck10 for under 200US is best price I have seen usually they go for 300 and up depending of location
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    Good IEM's for around $100 - $150?

    what you like to hear? difficult to recommend anything without knowing your style
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    Need help deciding some high-end iems to buy...

    For Bass I suggest IE80 also FX700 is top notch for classic
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    Best IEM <200$

    For bass heavy music style s check FXt90, Radius W11, Tandems from Fischer , Atrios is also spoken to be good for under 150US
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    **$500 budget/need help**

    there are few different custom monitors  in  500US price range, like DUNU or 1964 for universals there are lots of options out there. Also what is comfortable for me may not be for you. BAsed on your criteria, I would recommend Dynamic drivers like Radius W21 or Fx700 or Sony EX1000