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    My Current Rigs
    Source : MSAK100-S, Macbook Pro Retina 13"
    IEMs : JH-5 Pro, JVC HA-FX850 , FAD Heaven Vi
    Headphone : ATH-M50, Hifiman HE400, Sennheiser HD650
    DAC & amp : Aune T1, Oppo Ha-2
    Cables : Norne Audio Skool (HD650) , Nocturnal Audio Hydra (MMCX), Christ Himself Carbide (2-Pin)
    Speaker : Hivi and Swans M50W

    Used to Own :
    Denon D5000 Balanced, Schiit Vali, Fiio X3, Fiio E12DiY, Final Audio Heaven IV, ATH Im50, Westone UM2, Shure SE215,
    Hifiman Re400, Vsonic Gr07 Classic, Denon C710, Hippo CriCri+, ATH-TAD300
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