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    Bought a piano, so I have started lessons and will eventually take some guitar lessons as well.
    Photography ( I have actually sold some of my work!) and a love (addition?) to reading. :-)
    Headphone Inventory:
    Audeze LCD-2 v2, Yamaha YH-100, Yamaha HP-1 and Fostex T50RP (for late night guitar plunking)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Audio-gd Master 9 (running the Audeze balanced)
    Source Inventory:
    Computer audio files, Apple Classic 160GB iPod, Onkyo NS-D1 digital dock , Yamaha CDX-1120 CD player
    Cable Inventory:
    Double Helix cable Complement 3 balanced headphone cable
    Power-Related Components:
    Tripplite LC-1800 line conditioner/regulator
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Music room stuff:
    Yamaha YP-D8 tt, w Stanton 881 cartridge, Yamaha CDX-5000 (used as a transport), Yamaha T-2 FM tuner, Oppo BDP-105 universal player, Wadia 170i iPod digital dock, Audio-gd Master 1 preamplifier, Audio-gd Master 7 DAC, Yamaha DEQ-5E digital EQ, Yamaha D-2040 x-over, Yamaha MX-D1 amp for the Yamaha NS-1000m speakers and Mirage SS-1500 subs. I am using Tripplite LC-2400 line conditioner/regulators with 2 Tice Power Block Elite Reference IIIA HP conditioners (one for the front end equipment and one for the amp and x-over. Interconnect and digital cables are from Double Helix and some Monster cable Sigma Retro Gold series, speaker cables are the Reference line Antipodes Audio. I use roll my own power cables when the equipment allows those to be upgraded. I use top line Furutech cable and Oyaide IEC plugs and receptacles. I have 3 20 amp dedicated lines into the room, one for the front end equipment and the other 2 for the amp, x-over and subs. (Computer audio source is the next step)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Besides having the good fortune to have a dedicated room for my music, I have been gradually adding acoustic treatments from Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) and have completed 5 'stages' to date with one major step left to go (future tweaking is possible but some structural work is involved). I am very happy with the results so far.
    Music Preferences:
    I worked in the music biz for many years so I have accumulated a very large collection on vinyl and CD (and SACD, DVD-A, etc.) I was predominately involved in the Classic's and Jazz fields, but pop. folk rock are all represented in my collection. I do have a preference for female vocalists, but basically I like music regardless of genre.
    My Olympus camera equipment and my computer (my own build for the desktop).
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