Head Gear Reviews by xxAMAROKxx
  1. Gemtune Urbanfun Hifi Dual-driver In-ear Headphones,Hybrid Balanced Armature Dynamic Earbuds

    5.00 star(s)
    Neutral, very detailed and adult sound. And well balanced through whole frequency range. Bass goes deep, but upper bass is in front a little, so electronic rhytms can sound more punchy. It can be solved by using smaller eartips. Mids are full and clear. No complains about that Heighs are clear and in balance with mids. Can be in front a little in some songs, but no sibilances or peircing. Soundstage is bigger for in-ears with U shape around head and real 3D feeling. Instruments separation is excelent. GREAT earphones. It beats much more expensive...