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    little confusion connecting e7/e9 to laptop.

    OH, you're right...I don't know what I was thinking. thank you  
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    little confusion connecting e7/e9 to laptop.

    Hey guys,   Just got my e7 in the mail today after being stranded with just the e9 for a couple of months. Unfortunately there is a little connection issue. I was under the impression that the e7 came included with a usb cable that could plug directly into the e9. The problem is, the input...
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    I tried vinyl, but I can't see the hype.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this! Just an observation...but I find it really funny how people are getting back into LPs and buying tons of the newly produced vinyl which is pressed from the digital master. I completely understand why people are just about religious for vinyl, but...
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    AKG 701 and Amps.

    That sounds about right, but there's always exceptions, one being the k701. I didn't even realize their impedance was that low because they're notoriously difficult to drive. In short, yes, you would absolutely benefit from amping the k701s. For how it would help, I can't really explain why, but...
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    the big jump into an actual rig of sorts

    yeah...I still need to do some more digging here and find a couple of those threads. I'm thinking probably a 2.0 (monitors or floorstanders). Those focals look nice, but I already have a 2.1 setup in my swan m10s
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    the big jump into an actual rig of sorts

    Ok, so let me preface this by saying I know less about computer audio/speakers than I do with headphones...and that's pretty terrifying. Basically, I'm beginning to start and plan out a system for no more than 800ish which I'm planning on buying by the end of the summer. Thing is, I'm not really...
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    decent ampless iems for under 100?

    So I tried searching but I couldn't really find any conclusive results in my price range. Short story long, I'm looking for a nice pair of iems which I could drive directly from my ipod classic. Price ceiling is 100 bucks, but if theres anything around the 60-70 dollar range that would be even...
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    transferring my flac library to ipod

    Hey all,   So I've decided I'm going to wipe my 80gb ipod classic of all my terrible 128 itunes purchases. What I'm planning on doing is to move all my flac stuff onto it. However, since its a classic and I can't rockbox it, I need to switch the flac to alac. I'm running my flac on foobar...
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    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Swan M-10 and dt990/600   Basic, I know...but I'm poor and this is whats going to have to last until I finish up college. I have an e9 on the way but theres a rather inconvenient blizzard right now thats standing in the way between me and the UPS truck   
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    Universal or custom?

    I was actually looking at those dual 1964 ears, they seem pretty nice. I get the impression that I could probably get a better value with universals though, I'll have to look at the universals you guys suggested.
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    Universal or custom?

    Hey guys,   I'm in the process of getting a portable rig going and I've just started to look around for a decent pair of IEMs. I really don't know a whole lot when it comes to them, so I thought I might as well throw my question out there. Basically my question is, with a limited budget...
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    EAC wont rip certain hybrid sacd

    Been having a bit of a problem with ripping the redbook layer off of one of my hybrid-sacd's. It's strange, because I don't have this issue with all of them. What happens is that the eac ripping starts normally but generally freezes at an arbitrary percentage and I just give up at that point...
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    $150 custom IEM

    Oh well of course not, I have no chance at all. Just thought I'd pretend to make myself feel better. Curious to see what you, or anyone else, thinks of em. 
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    $150 custom IEM

    Quote: you beat me to it...argh. let us know if you have any luck
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    $150 custom IEM

          Quote: That would be awesome, be sure to take pictures!     I'll probably be ordering a pair sometime in early march. If nobody gets to them before me, I'll be sure to write something up.