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  6. xiaoipower

    IE8 in London - where to buy?

    I would say it's worth visiting Tottenham Court Road - full of electronics - I haggled for mine and got it brand new for £170 about 2 years back   best of luck!
  7. xiaoipower

    Turntable advice

    thanks guys - but I was hoping for a lot broader advice    1) a rough price guide to what you think the components will cost (something that would be the equivalent of a good price-performance ratio - like I said I only have an IE7 to offer as a comparison which I consider to have be not too...
  8. xiaoipower

    Turntable advice

    Hi guys,   I've recently developed an urge to get a vinyl setup - there just seems to be something quite special about listening to a LP compared to your standard mp3 PC setup. However, I know next to nothing about such setups as I have never had any sort of hifi system myself - old man has...
  9. xiaoipower

    My JH16 Pro is coming! Wohoo!

    ...very cruel Jajo - especially when the JH-Elite series are coming out 
  10. xiaoipower

    Best choice for under £25?

    it's a bit late but the superfi 5's were on offer on for £35 which is a very good price imo    but you should be aware that they are in-ears and UE (manufacturere) IEMs do have an issue with fitting for some people but these are a new design and should be less intrusive   I...
  11. xiaoipower

    ACS Custom Sleeves With Westone 3

    I also purchased the ACS customs for the W3s after getting somewhat annoyed with the sibilance issues using the default tips that come attached to the W3s. I would say that I personally found the added benefits of this particular investment to be near minimal - the only real detail I noticed was...
  12. xiaoipower

    JH13 $150 off tomorrow

    ground shipping is free to US customers but they've indicated they will take $10 off international shipping charges so $65 for the rest of the world
  13. xiaoipower

    JH13Pro Advice - Audiologists in London?

    thanks for the headsup timmy it appears another person recommended the same people in the audiologist thread I've spoken to handheld audio about their deal and I don't believe it offers real value for money - although we're hardly in a position to talk about that if we're considering...
  14. xiaoipower

    JH13Pro Advice - Audiologists in London?

    Hi all, I don't know how many of you are thinking about taking up the JHAudio black Wednesday offer - but I was hoping to clarify a few points: 1) What shipping costs are involved (apart from me sending them my impressions from the UK? 2) What have UK buyers been stung with in terms of...
  15. xiaoipower

    JH Audio in the UK!

    hey all, I just spoke to Handheld Audio and it seems that they have not heard anything about this from JHAudio and will most likely NOT be running a similar promotion