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    **SOLD** New/unused E-Mu Teaks (detachable cable) w/new ZMF Ori pads

    Bump w/price drop...thanks for your time.
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    *** SOLD *** Blue Dragon v3 5-foot cable for Oppo PM-3

    Sold the PM-3s a while back...I had thoughts of modding this cable for other headphones but decided ultimately to see if there was any interest in a straight up sale first. Price includes PP and shipping in the US (overseas traders send me a note and we'll see what's in the realm of the possible...
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    SOLD - Cambridge Audio iD100 digital transport for iPod/iPad/iPhone/Nano NIB

    I had planned on using this dock as a digital transport for my iPod classic feeding a high-quality head amp of some kind; but after we moved back to the states from Germany, this sat on a shelf unused until ultimately I picked up an Oppo HA-1 (already MFi) and moved on from my iPod to one of...
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    Massdrop x Focal Elex Review & Measurements

    Have been lurking in the discussion for a while now but thanks to the many glowing reviews and positively bent discussions, I decided to bite on the drop just before closing (numbers were passing 520 sold when I signed up). Honestly, I was very curious to see for myself how these would stack up...
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    SOLD - Burson Audio HA-160D

    Sold; closing thread--thanks HeadFi'ers!
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    SOLD - Burson Audio HA-160D

    Bump for price reduction