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    Sennheiser MM50 or UE SuperFi 4?

    As a gift, I was given both of these and the choice between them. My ATH M50s are too big (and the cable is too long) for portable use, so I need something better than stock iPod earbuds. Which of these would I be better off with. They have both already been bought and with sales cost about the...
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    Just listened to the M50's...

    Quote: Whoops.
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    2011 New Year resolutions (headphone wise)

    Get something better than my ATH M50s.   At least they're better than what I was using before.
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    Just listened to the M50's...

    Quote: You can, but they aren't the best for portable use because: 1) They are pretty huge headphones. 2) The cord is long (11') 3) The plug is large, when using the 3.5mm adapter (Needed for an iPod)   I still love them though.  
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    Has the fake ath-m50 arrived?

    I just got a pair in the mail today. I got them from proaudiomart and I`m sure they are genuine. They look right, without any problems. I can`t really compare the sound since I`m coming from using bundled earbuds... Never again.
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    Monster Cyborg? Next Monster's headphones?

    Those are hideous.    That is all.
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    Help me choose daily over ear headphones for about a 100$

    You can get the ATH M50s for $90 shipped (To USA) if you go on eBay and make an offer of $90 (you can try a bit less) to brianf (Proaudiomart)   Mine are in the mail right now.
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    There's My Supra...

    I guess they think that terrorists wouldn't take the time to pack their bombs well...
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    First Decent Headphones (Closed)

    Ok, I think I'll probably be going with the M50s.    Second question, which would make a better setup, using an old Soundblaster Audigy or using the integrated audio? The motherboard uses the Realtek ALC888. I've been trying out the Soundblaster, but with the headphones I have, I can't...
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    First Decent Headphones (Closed)

    Right now, the cheapest I could find the SRH-840 was $170 shipped + $29 in UPS brokerage fees. I can get the M50 for $130 shipped without the brokerage fees...
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    First Decent Headphones (Closed)

    I know that to the audiophiles here, what I'm looking for may not be considered decent, but since I'm moving from using either stock iPod earbuds or Turtle Beach X1s (Bought for my Xbox), this should be a massive improvement.   My maximum for this is $200, but if I could stay under $150, it...
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