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    ***Sold*** Dragonfly Red

    I'll probably end up regretting this, but it's not getting much use at the moment so here it is. Up for sale is my Dragonfly Red. It is in really good condition. I never noticed those little knicks till I took these pictures (last picture)a minute ago with the flash on! Includes leather pouch...
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    ***Sold***ifi ican se (special edition)

    Selling my ican special edition. Fantastic amp with a small footprint. Good condition, comes with rca cables, 1/4" adapter and ipower 15v.
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    Found-MR SPEAKERS ether or ether open

    Hey there, could you please stop using ALL CAPS on your postings? I just about nearly get a HEART ATTACK every time I see one of your listings! Lol
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    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum - By Alex Cavalli

    first one! I had always been on the fence because of the "high gain" issue and I also wanted to move away from amps that need to be used on balanced output to really take advantage of it but here I am. Lol Debating whether to contact @ksorota and have the amp sent to him directly or Diy to save...
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    ***Sold*** Audeze LCD-2 Pre Fazor 2011 - mint!

    Audeze LCD-2 Pre Fazor from 2011. Very little use in mint condition. Absolutely beautiful and engaging sounding headphones. Don't miss out on this rare treat! Includes Travel case, LCD-2 headphones, 1/4” stock cable, frequency response graph, warranty card. PayPal and shipping fees in the...
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    Danacable Lazuli for HD800!

    Bump. Will trade for DAP also.
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    Thanks for pointing that out, I edited my post. Congrats! That's the one I was eyeing too! I took part in the loaner tour and I personally really liked this system, nice score!
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    Audio Advice has an additional 10% off on open box items with the coupon code "OPEN BOX". They still have 2 Empyrean left for a bit over $2k among other things.
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    ****NO LONGER AVAILABLE***** This is not exactly a deal but some of you might be interested. The Music Room has one used Hd800 serial number 4,XXX, in good shape. $849 + $23 shipping. Like I said not particularly a great deal but the hd800 can be elusive at times and especially if you are...
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    Grado Fan Club!

    Lol. First thing I did was Google Grado Hemp 3500gbp. Nothing came up so then I went straight to Grado Labs website, nothing there so I figured you had ****ed up the pricing and were just talking about the regular Grado Hemp that just got released for less than $3000+ of what you said. A new...
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    Wanted: AK240

    Looking for Ak240 for around $450 Any questions or offers, please message me.
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    I need my cable re-terminated!

    Yes, I was thinking about that same Eidolic spacious barrel jack but was a bit nervous ****ing up the jack considering how small the contacts are on the 2.5mm that I've seen. I have cardas eutectic solder which apparently already has flux in it and an ok soldering gun with temp control. Guys...