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    Laptop Soundcards

    I just brought home a new Asus laptop, which I love in almost every way except... it sounds terrible. Both the oddly located speakers and the headphone out jack which makes even Skullcandies sound thin and bassless. Uuuughhh. It's the K601 model, purchased for $549 from Best Buy. My question...
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    Audio Problem

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hybrys If there's a POWERED hub in your repertoire, you could hook up the external drives to it, and it to the front USB, and see if that works. Beyond that, you're nearly hooped. You could get a cheap little PCI USB2.0 card, and plug the audio device...
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    Audio Problem

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hybrys Sounds more than powerful enough... Things you can try: Disable SpeedStep. Disable CUDA (this might be a hard option to find) Try Beta or Old nVidia drivers. Newest: NVIDIA DRIVERS 197.13 WHQL Beta: NVIDIA DRIVERS 197.25 BETA...
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    So farm not finding anything matching the description. Nothing that can give me some sort of list file type thing.
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    Head-fi seems might douchey right now.
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    The most overrated female vocalists

    Well, vocalist isn't necessarily equated to singer. At least not speaking of technical skill. Beyonce has a very powerful voice but I don't often like what she does with it (as someone said, lots of gale force yelling and unneccesarry noodling going on). Lady GaGa may not have this awe-inspiring...
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    Next Step Up With Speakers

    Right now I am using the two front speakers (in 2ch stereo mode) that came with my Yamaha HTR-6030 Receiver, which I purchased at the beginning of 2008. Never bothered with the rear speakers, lost the cord to my sub when moving things around and I don't even know why I stopped using the center...
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    File Management Methods for Clip+

    I've had a 4GB Sansa Clip+ for several months but only ended up using it a few times at the gym. Now that my ipod is pretty much out of commission, I have made it my main PMP. I've been using explorer to add individual mp3 files for a while but that method is becoming messy. The only way to...
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    Being single sucks...

    You know what sucks worse than just being single? Being in love with someone you can have. And having a a few of the things you want, just not the whole thing. Grah.
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    Being single sucks...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Germancub Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing your advice and amazing stories. They all really lifted my spirits! You guys are the best, really I mean that! On another note, my main problem in finding a guy (when I do) for me is that in my...
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    Are people afraid to get involved, or just don't care??

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mystere9 Was the one raped a female? If so my righteous indignation of righteousness will crush them all! In other news, small children continue to be sold as wives in developing nations. .....because it wouldn't be so bad if it was a guy being raped...
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    For men: Brad Pitt (not so much now days) Jensen Ackles Kelan Lutz For Women Shakira (my god she has the cutest nose) Scarlett Johanson (would go straight for her) Jessica Alba Sophia Bush (when she's not doused in eyeshadow) Mila Jovovich I'm kind of baffled at why I can't think...
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    Which Male physique type is more attractive?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wmcmanus I'm sure his boyfriend would agree with you. I do fo' sho. I'm a dude but personally I think most females would like something to hold onto. So too skinny can be a bad thing. However most of my female friends find bulging muscles to be a...
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    New Sennheiser PX-100/200 IIs

    The cord on my PX100s is starting to curl and nothing I've tried seems to fix this. Also, the pads keep coming off. I've practically loved them to death. Eagerly awaiting more info.
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    Would you give up music if you could live 3 years longer?

    Practically, this wouldn't really work unless you went deaf. In which case it would affect a lot more than music habits. I suppose one could also lose tonal perception but that would still cause other problems. Even with no recorded music, nothing stopping you from humming a tune or hearing...