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    Look for 2.1 speakers...

    alright, what a good "mid-end" 2.1 setup, regardless of cost?
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    Iriver vs. Iaudio

    iAudio 7, hands down
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    Rap Sucks

    opinion =! fact
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    R.I.P My Grado SR60..

    I had the same problem with my MS-1. Left driver died after a little under a year of light use. I made sure I took care of them. I'm actually working through the details of getting them repaired by Grado Labs. I hope I don't have to shell out the 30 dollar fee they are asking for. Doesn't the...
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    Looking for a portable pair of 'phones

    I think I will get the iGrado because of price. I am still at the entry level of this hobby, and I think getting the M5 later will be a little healthier for my wallet. My MS-1's need to get repaired, so the iGrado will be a good choice for all portable activity until the MS-1 gets back from...
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    Looking for a portable pair of 'phones

    I've never sported a pair of SR60, but I have the MS-1, so I don't doubt Grado's (or Alessandro's, for that matter) quality. But will the iGrado cut it for working out? Maybe I should get them and see if they work well and sound good. I can always return them, I figure. Same with the M5/M8...
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    Looking for a portable pair of 'phones

    What about the Shure site itself? What am I looking for in particular? It seems the black foamies are the ones M5 owners here at headfi keep talking about. I've never used IEMs. How well do they stay in your ears during active use...
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    Looking for a portable pair of 'phones

    The suggestions you made seem solid. While browsing over them, and I stumbled across a headphone that I almost got for my old mini-disc player, the Sennheiser PX100. I've only heard good things about it, and I've owned Sennheiser earbuds before. Decisions, decisions...
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    Looking for a portable pair of 'phones

    I am looking for headphones best suited for portable use. Sound? I'm not too picky, since the custom EQ on cowon players has always been great. Quality has to be fair, though. I'm going to be putting a lot of rock, metal, and the like through 'em. (Can't get pumped in the gym by listening to...
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    Alessandro Music Series MS1 FAN CLUB!

    I have the MS1s and I love them, but recently the left channel has frequently gone dead (stopped producing sound). I've tested it on various sources and it has the same problem on all of them. Anyone else have this problem and/or know how to solve it?
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    Replacing sound card; need suggestions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ahriman4891 So let me get this straight, you still game, you are just willing to sacrifice EAX because you have trouble with drivers? EAX never really meant much to me except more spacious, reverberating sound. Which I don't care for. It doesn't help...
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    It Hath Arrived : Alessandro MS-1

    I'm listening to it right now, after fiddling with Creative's EQ and diagnostic settings. I noticed what most owners of this phone say; it has quite honest sound. I'm a headphone noob, but I can hear that the sound is very analytical with no one presence overtaking another. Even on...
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    Yet another mp3 player thread (now with pre-concieved notions!)

    [obligatory]Let me get something out of the way. I probably don't want an iPod. Why? Cost, and it doesn't seem to have everything I want.[/oblig] Also, my iRiver experience has been rather poor. I never knew what BS was until I held one of their terrible flash players. A horrid experience...
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