Head Gear Reviews by WNBC
  1. RHA T10i

    3.50 star(s)
    INTRODUCTION.  It can be a daunting process selecting an earphone among the hundreds that are available.  I was in need of an affordably priced in-ear headphone for work.  The Read Health Audio (RHA) T10i aesthetics appealed to me and their other earphones have been well received by the community.  A special thanks goes to Head-fier shotgunshane for setting up the T10i loaner program.  I took a full week to get acquainted with the T10i before sending it off to the next reviewer.  That was a sufficient length of time for them to make an impression on...
  2. Q-Audio French Silk Cable

    4.50 star(s)
    Q-audio French Silk Aftermarket Cable for MrSpeakers Alpha Dog     INTRODUCTION I have spent a little over two months with the Alpha Dogs and its stock cable.  About one month into the journey I acquired a Q-audio 8-foot cable for the Dogs.  The gamut of effects I heard from previous aftermarket cables with other headphones has spanned from inaudible to subtle to dramatic.  At the start I did not want to believe that cables could make an audible difference, but making such a statement without trying one is no fun.  My engineering buddies who work...
  3. MrSpeakers Alpha Dog (T50RP Mod)

    4.50 star(s)
    MrSpeakers Alpha Dog   INTRODUCTION Like many I was bit by the planar magnetic bug years ago and I have not looked back since.  I have never heard any of Dan’s other headphones, but I have my own modded Fostex T50RP that I enjoy a lot.  Having owned the Fostex T50RP for 2 years I am familiar with its strengths (neutrality, focus, midrange, and tight bass) and weaknesses (air, polite treble).  I believe Dan has extracted every last drop of sonic goodness out of this Fostex driver.  When I first heard the Alpha Dog I will admit that I was not blown...
  4. Norse Audio 4-wire Norn series up-occ LCD-2 headphone cable

    5.00 star(s)
      Norse Audio Norn Litz OCC Cable I had the original Norse OCC LCD-2 cable for 4 months and I’ll gladly admit that I chose it at the time for the price-to-performance ratio based on comments in this thread and others.  The Norse cable ended up being a purchase that I did not regret.  My criticism for the older cable was that you always noticed it was there.  It wasn’t super heavy but it would fold and twist depending on its mood.  4 months later Trevor released the cotton-sheathed Norn series and because I liked the original cable on a sonic...
  5. Apex Hi-Fi Butte

    3.50 star(s)
      APEX HI-FI BUTTE REVIEW   Equipment used: (a) Apex HI-FI Butte – Loaner from Todd at TTVJ (b) Foobar2000 > W4S DAC-2   (c) Hifiman HM-601 portable player (d) Marantz SACD SA-8003 player (e) Sansui TU-717 receiver                                        (f) Headphones: LCD-2 (60 ohm, 95 dB) w/ Norse Audio Norn cable, Fischer Audio FA-011 (160 ohm, 98 dB), Hifiman RE-262 IEM (150 ohm, 95 dB), Fostex T50RP (50 ohm, 98 dB)       Initial impressions: Fewer frills lead to lower bills.  This is your blue collar amp, it pushes...