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  1. Brand New OEM Audeze Single-Ended LCD-2, LCD-X and LCD-3 Cable

    SOLD For Sale is a brand new, never opened Audeze OEM LCD headphone cable. This is the cable supplied by Audeze with the LCD-2, LCD-X and LCD-3 headphones their part number CBL-NA-1110. Audeze sells this cable for $149.00. I have two of these cables and only need one so this one is available...
  2. SOLD Aeon Flow RT Retuned SOLD

    SOLD Up for sale are my Aeon Flow Closed RT (Retuned) headphones. Recently upgraded to to Aeon 2 Noire Closed and only need one closed back headphone. Included in the sale are all the items that came with the headphones - original box, OEM XLR Balanced cable, three sets of tuning pads...
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    Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus: possibly the best value DAC today

    Yes, the DacMagic Plus has a preamp function. 
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    The Deals Thread II. (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    Not headphones, but if anyone is looking for desktop monitor speakers, Shoreline has the Audioengine A5+ open box / closeout for $239.95 with free shipping.  Normally $399.00.   I've bought from Shoreline before with no problems.  ...
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    Teac Reference Line UD-501 USB DAC "DSD"

    Keep us posted after you've had some listening time.   Thanks.
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    Headphone Advice QUICK!

    Quote: Pray for inspiration.  The answers to you questions will be revealed to you. 
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    Yulong's new flagship amp A18

    Project86,   Once again an excellent review.....but I think your reviews have cost me enough already!  
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    Mission: Replace the HiFiMAN ear pads with other brand ear pads

    I received a pair of the HM5 pads yesterday and installed them on my HE-500.   Couldn't persuade myself to spend $100.00 for the Lawton pads   I sure didn't think they would fit on the Hifiman ring at first (pad diameter seemed too small) but I finally did manage to get them on with a...
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    Smoothest Dac with least sibilance / brightness?

    Take a look at the Yulong Sabre D18.  Project86 did a detailed review.  Its NOS and priced at $699.00, $100.00 more than the DacMagic Plus.    Here is a link to the review.  ...
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    REVIEW: Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

    While the TubeDac-11 is a fine product, you'll need to step up your game to do justice to your HD-800 headphones.
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    REVIEW: Yulong D100 MKII DAC - an update to an already excellent device

    Project86, sorry to go off do you like your Hifiman HE-400 headphones?  I've been thinking about trying them out.