Headphone Inventory
Ultrasone Edition 8 LE
Bowers & Wilkins p5
Sony MDR XB700
Sony MDR XB500
Jays C-Jays (gone)
ATH AD700 (gone)
ATH A700 (gone)
Aiaiai Tracks
Grado sr60 (gone)
Grado sr80
Creative Aurvana Live! (gone)
Coloud Star Wars Artoo headphones. (Never to be used)
Self-Made Plastic Ortho with SFI 120Ohm drivers.
Sennheiser PX100 (gone)
Sennheiser HD215 (gone)

HeirAudio 8.A
Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10vi (gone)
Sennheiser IE7 (gone)
Sennheiser CX980
Thinksound TS02 (gone)
Hifiman RE0 (gone)
Feels Pro 900 (gone)
Hippo Shroom EB (gone)
Klipsch Image S4 (gone)
Shure SE420
Shure SE530
Vsonic GR07 (Current top dog)
HisoundAudio Popo
HisoundAudio Live
Aurisonics ASG-1
Sony XBA-4SL
Dunu 5X EX150
Headphone Amp Inventory
Miu Audio M47 kit, Dual LM4562 opamps
Fiio E5
Musiland Monitor 02
Source Inventory
Samsung Galaxy S2
Iphone 4
Iphone 3
Iphone 3gs
Ipod shuffle 2nd gen
Ipod nano 5th gen
HisoundAudio Rocoo
Cable Inventory
Long cables
Short cables
Medium length cables
USB cables
Other Audio Equipment
Audioengine A5
M-Audio AV40
Cambridge Soundworks DTS 5.1 speakers
Altec Lansing cant remember model name