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    iFi audio NEO Stream - Sweet Streams!

    by this statement, I suppose is akin to lenses in photography.. Shooting wide open (at their top f-stop), generally doesn't give their absolute best sharpness, certainly not 'edge to edge' (corners). Dropping down by a value yields better actual use. Unless, like me, you use a Fuji 35mm f1.4...
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    iFi audio NEO Stream - Sweet Streams!

    Agree with your shared thoughts, with exception of the last statement (copied above...); Most 'upper' (TOP!) frequencies that a DAC chip offers are usually with diminished capability (when we look at their 'white sheet' docs); and given implemented circuits seldom deliver more/equal to a DAC...
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    Thin and Comfortable with Better Sound Quality! FiiO's Newly-Developed Ear Tip HS18 Is Available Now!

    Replacement Silicones, YES! When the Bowers and Wilkins C5 came to market, it had silicone tips included and it would seem that many/most users ripped them when trying to swap them over. I know for years I used C5 inears with 'mismatched' silicones due to just such an issue.. (although I had...
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    iFi audio NEO Stream - Sweet Streams!

    Wowsers how difficult is it (these days) to bring a product to market and satisfy/ 'build momentum', when it is technical to its' very core and can do something for everyone? Seems you cannot deliver something for EVERYONE, when EVERYONE have slightly different needs and are in slightly...
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    DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

    I've seen a couple of reviewers now, reflect that with the Ares II; their 'typical filter preference' (as used on other DACs), being Slow, seem to prefer the Fast filter(s) on the Ares II.. Again it seem to be with descriptions along the lines that 'too much of a good thing' (-that the...
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    iFi audio iDSD Diablo - A portable reference done our way!

    more headroom and dynamics, 'blacker background'? (re: IFI Power Elite) perhaps greater capability with large band genres? (tell me more, tell me more..)
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    iFi audio iDSD Diablo - A portable reference done our way!

    This question has been bandied around a few times; the consensus points towards 'Class A'. The iFi reps who maintain this board, I believe were happy doing the 'we will get back to you' line, with a follow up being a photo of the internal main board from the Diablo having the words 'Class A'...
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    iFi audio iDSD Diablo - A portable reference done our way!

    Cheers (and ‘smiles with’); Actually I find ‘good audio’ from a PC an oxymoronic proposition. It can be done, sure… But even VS a decent DAP/source, a 25 year old CD player spinning ‘gold CDs’ is outstanding sound. I used to keep the ‘gold CDs’ aside, in a retail role where I upsold...
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    Meze Audio 109Pro - the all-new Dual-Composites dynamic headphone

    And I thought I was having a good day already.... some hifi announcements get me WAAAAY more excited than others... this is my favorite hifi news of 2022 (although Mojo2 did make me feel a 'warm and fuzzy' feeling towards the industry...-not that I have looked into them.) Meze seem to be...
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    Comment by 'whitedragem' on listing 'Ultrasone Edition 5 Unlimited'

    different sound profiles.. an owner could happily own both (so long as their finances cause zero concern when having investment tied up in 'headphone collection')
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    New Member Introductions thread

    ie80bt (sennheiser iem clearance -75% off- nothing going to beat them in terms of price to performance; sadly ‘in ear’ ; not sure if this suits) i bought a couple of sets; including direct from Sennheiser (at the...
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    actually, missus wants something akin to the crystal featuring device.. we went shopping yesterday for our ‘replacement’ family member, and she decided on some utilitarian tools (that we could even take ‘camping’…) We gave up milky coffee ‘awhile ago’; before we met I had only ever been a...
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    Portable DAC and Amplifier Q3 MQA Edition Is Officially Released!

    sure, but ‘those same over ears’ would sound worse, in many cases ‘direct from devices’ (and in my experience ‘many/most’ cheaper/‘budget’ devices ARE inferior to bigger, costlier parts.. i have used a Q3 (and won’t sell mine, but will loan it to anyone) and it has been used many times...
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    Common BS from audio companies?

    I wouldn’t think ‘one of our sound science moderators would’, but this comment does make me laugh; it is literally running the opposite direction of ‘quantum (BS!)’ to sell.. Sadly pure science (objective benchmarks) seems contrary to much/many findings of many, many audio kit engineering types...
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    iFi audio iDSD Diablo - A portable reference done our way!

    any comment from iFi on this would be good… we can use a microphone as a speaker, but is isn’t necessary ‘good’ for it… please can we confirm how healthy this is for our devices, and, ‘if so’ when can we expect an iFi branded cable/adaptor… otherwise; as said above regarding 5 pole 4.4mm...