Been rigging serious audio setups since I was sixteen, and less serious (eg running four speakers off old ‘seventies’ Pioneer amps) audio setups since fourteen years of age. My fourth surround setup (<1995) had more than 70 connections going in and out - linking to crazy Poneer echo units that had tripomatic llighting; whilst lining secondary Yamaha CD Players to feed through to TV speakers for driving around in surround sound games like Need For Speed on the original 3D0 gaming console. Literally the TV speakers were like the ‘in dash’ car speakers, and the feeling of cruising down the highway and through the forrest was ‘sublime’.

Having toyed with more DACs than I care to count, and rigged more amps than I could count too (before getting bored and doing something else), I have certainly played with a LOT OF AUDIO KIT.

Having at various points in my life made it my profession, and also becoming a parent, and eschewing work in favour of being a parental, have a keen eye for budget fi- being able to build a great sounding system for pennies.

For me the greatest thrill is in building sub $1000 setups that can knock the socks off stuff up to ten times the cost... is the enjoyment that people without the means to just keep buying ‘toys’ get...

I fully believe that we cannot afford to treat the world as a disposable commodity.
I do not ethically buy anything built for the scrap heap.
Poor people cannot afford to buy cheap crap :wink:
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Headphone Inventory
Sony MDR-V900HD
Sennheiser HD200
Yamaha YH-100
Sony MDR-1BT
Sennheiser Amperiors
Roland IE3
B&W C5, P5, P7
Sennhieser Momentum On Ear and Over Ear
Beyerdynamic T90
Sony MDR 1000x3
Definitive Technology Symphony 1

(actually most of these lists are highly incomplete and need to be updated for a long while.. they actually surprise me due to how ‘lean’ they are, I think I had a poster challenge me at some point and so I started to write up some lists, and then got called to dinner.
If I can be bothered to come in and fill them out, I should, as I understand I am about to put up a review (or two), and it might help some in the community to scrutinise me better... <grins>

‘well wishes with (ye)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Musical Fidelity X-Cans, Vioelectic V100, NuForce Icon, Audioengine D1,
Source Inventory
Teac P700, Denon DCD-S10, Pioneer DVD655(SACD), Auzentech Prelude, Parasound 1100HD, Rotel 971CD, Denon 1020, Nakamichi 600, Sony Walkman and Minidisc, various Denon and Yamaha tapedecks, and Denon LP and LD(laserdisc), FIIO X5iii, Sony NW-A17,
Cable Inventory
Lots, but then you would think I am into cables, huh?
Power-Related Components
Thor A1 powerboard (at the very least get one of these)
Other Audio Equipment
Quad 303, Star30 (valve), Sansui AU919, Rotel RX850 and matching RB850 (both bridgeable mono power amps), Musical Fidelity X-A1, Denon AV1800, AV3300, 3806 etc Hafler DH120. Presently playing with Onkyo TX-ds989 / Parasound preamp, Outlaw 990, and a Yamaha RX-v2700
AR-LSTs, Jamo towers, Energy sats and sub, Linn bookshelfs, B&W DM1s, Boston Acoustics 1000 model towers and well.. too many to bother recalling the model numbers (sadly)..
Audio-Related Tweaks
Room tuning, speaker placement, heck blu-tac and cones and anything that helps.
A little 'beer' to relax the focus when listening to a new setup.
Music Preferences
Diverse, though not a lot of Hard Metal
HTC Touch Pro2 (phone), Dell Mini 9 (netbook), Canon 10D (camera), motorhome and caravan, Gaming consoles (infrequently played), Panasonic LCD(???850)TV.. mostly updated via Pioneer flagship plasma to Panasonic reference OLED. high end Marantz and Optomo projectors, iPhone, Samsung Note (3,Edge,7,Fan editions), great Nokia and Motorola phones (many phones running alternate roms and audio tweaks). Mac Mini and a very custom (silent) PC - X99 build on a Corsair 1200AXi, with a Asus Xonar Essense sound card, and twin AMD Vegas (sip 80-100watt of power each and deliver Battlefield 1 at 4K 60 frames per second ultra whilst being silent)..

Lots of other fun stuff, audio is a cool hobby...
Go to Cameras are a 4megapixel sigma DP2 (Fovean sensor) and a Fuji XT1 (xtrans sensor) - which I moved to using FROM a Sony A7m2 full frame... (but still keep a Canon DSLR or two handy for some high speed focusing assignments)

Colour and contrast people; not megapixel/resolution!!!!
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