Jan 28, 2012
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Work Hard, Play Smart

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    Work Hard, Play Smart
    Listening to music
    Watching Movie
    Cycling, Car and Go-kart Drifting
    Headphone Inventory:
    JH16 Pro with Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 IEM Cable (very good matching)

    Bose Mie2i (only use for cellphone calls)

    Audeze LCD-3F (previously owned)
    IE80 (previously owned)
    HD598 (previously owned)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Leben CS600 Integrated Tube Amp
    Cavalli Liquid Carbon
    Fiio E17 Portable Amp

    Schiit Lyr (previously owned) (loved it with HD650 and Bifrost especially with Pop genre)
    Asgard 2 (previously owned)
    Source Inventory:
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 4s
    MacBook Pro
    Dell Laptop

    Sony Bluray Player
    Cable Inventory:
    Cardas Clear USB
    AudioQuest Forest USB Cable (slight bright sounding, backup cable)

    Silflex Glass Toslink (warmer, less details compared to USB, analog sound)
    Fiio F12 Toslink

    Kimber Hero WBT-0610 Cu Interconnect cable (neutral)
    Better Cables RCA Silver Serpent Interconnect Cable (brighter, smoother)
    Auvio RCA Copper Interconnect Cable (warmer, copper)

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 Headphone Cable

    Kimber Kable 8TC speaker cable
    Mogami W3103 speaker cable
    Canare 2S7F speaker cable
    Canare 2S11F speaker cable

    Kimber PK10 Gold Power Cable

    Toxic Cables Viper OCC SPC/Copper for HD650 (previously owned)
    AudioQuest Golden Gate RCA Cable (previously owned)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Harbeth M30.1 Speakers
    Harbeth P3ESR Speakers

    Creek Destiny 2 Integrated Amplifier
    Leben CS600 Integrated Tubes Amplifier

    MHDT Pagoda NOS DAC
    Schiit Bifrost DAC

    NOS 1964 Bendix 6385 Vacuum Tube (use with MHDT Pagoda)
    NOS GE 5670 Vacuum Tube (MHDT Pagoda stock tubes)

    NOS Amperex Bugle Boy with Large Halo Getter (for use with Schiit Lyr)

    NOS Sylvania 6CS7 (for use with CS600)
    NOS Sylvania 6CJ3 (for use with CS600)
    Tung-Sol KT120 Vacuum Tube (for use with CS600)
    EH KT90 Vacuum Tube (for use with CS600)
    JJ E34L Blue Glass Vacuum Tube (for use with CS600)
    New Reissued Mullard EL34 Vacuum Tube (for use with CS600)
    NOS 6P3S-E Vacuum Tube (for use with CS600)
    Sovtek 6L6WGC Vacuum Tubes (for use with CS600) (CS600 stock tubes)

    GE 6BZ7 Vacuum Tubes (previously owned)
    6N1P Vacuum Tubes (previously owned)

    Totem The One (Special Edition) Speakers (previously owned) (regret of selling it)
    Monster Cable XP (previously owned)
    Music Preferences:
    Vocal, Jazz, Orchestra, Pop, Dance, Soul, R&B, Cantonpop, Mandopop and K-pop genres.
    Nikon D600
    Nikon 28mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR Lens
    Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II AF-S Nikkor Lens
    Nikon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR AF-S Nikkor Lens
    Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight Flash for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras
    Nikon MB-D14 Multi Battery Power Pack
    Nikon 25395 MC-DC2 Remote Release Cord (1 Meter)
    Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control
    Nikon Screw-on Neutral Color Filter for all my lenses
    Nikon NICP77 77mm Circular Polarizer II Filter
    Gary Fong GFLSC01 LightSphere Collapsible Flash Diffuser
    Gary Fong Puffer Pop Up Flash Diffuser
    Westcott Micro Apollo 2200
    Lowepro Event Messenger 150 Medium
    ThinkTank Change Up Belt Pack
    D-SLR Sensor Cleaning Brush for 1.5x & 1.6x Sensors
    Sensor Swab
    Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster Large

    Canon G11

    Trek Madone 5.2 Pro Carrera Blue 2009
    Trek 6500 SLR 2006

    Samsung 2015 55" 4k TV UN55JS8500FXZA


    MBP > Cardas Clear USB > MHDT Pagoda (NOS GE 5670) > Leben CS600 (NOS Sylvania & KT120) > M30.1 / HD650
    MBP > Fiio L12 Toslink > Fiio E17 (the original first batch) > JH16 Pro (Moon Audio Silver Dragon)
    iBasso DX90 > JH16 Pro (Moon Audio Silver Dragon)
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