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    Playback Program with File Explorer view (Windows 7)?

    Hello,   I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum. Anyway, I'm looking for a program that can display my music library in the same way I have it organized on my hard drive. Most of the programs I've tried using (WMP, Foobar, WinAMP, iTunes) come close but the metadata jumbles the...
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    Sony MDR-V6

    Are there any accessories that you're selling with it (ex. adapters, storage bag, etc.)? Also, is the cable damaged in the third photo?   Edit: YGPM
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    Buying portable or in-ear headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE!

    Hello all,   I'm looking for a set of closed headphones. I listen to mostly electronica (large range of it), instrumental, and indie, but I tend to favor the more instrumental-sounding genres. The reason I ask for closed headphones is for the isolation. I don't need to be completely blocked...
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    How can I get more bass from my headphones?

    Thanks for the insight and recommendations guys. I'll keep fiddling with the equalizer first, then try the Zo. It might be a while though since I'm extremely poor. =(
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    How can I get more bass from my headphones?

    I just want to clarify to the people reading/replying to this thread that I'm not a complete basshead. I listen to electronica but I'm not all about bass. I just like a little kick. Also, I tried out my friend's Sennheiser HD202s and they have a signature (correct terminology?) that suits me...
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    Need help choosing earphones with volume control

    I found Sennheiser CX 500-B on Amazon for $30.55. They're usually $119.95 and I'm fairly hesitant about buying them because of the insane reduction in price. They're sold from a company called A1 Accessories and I know nothing about that company. Comparing the pictures from Amazon and the...
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    Need help choosing earphones with volume control

    I've been looking around for the CX400-II but Amazon is out of stock and I'm not sure where else to get them. I'm concerned about buying them from ebay sellers in case they're fake. Are there any signs that they're fake or real?
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